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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you summarize the results of your trip to the American continent?

Answer: This was a good trip. We met with our groups, with our good and faithful friends in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

The groups have grown and have advanced very, very much. We see and feel this about them. They have become more faithful, sensitive, understanding; they study together with us and connect to us in all of our activities, thanks to the virtual connection. The Internet is truly correcting the world tremendously on the level of the still.

In Mexico we organized a very important and big convention. All the local groups and individuals came to it and created an unprecedented warm and friendly atmosphere. A strong and united group was created and I hope that they will continue to work in that direction with our help.

At the convention in the United States there also was an unprecedented surge of connection, unity, and sense of understanding. This was truly something really special, something I didn’t even expect. All of our friends there are closer to each other. This was a very great correction and I am full of hope that now they will continue on together.

Now there is a convention in St. Petersburg ahead of us, on the way to which we must consolidate internally among us for worldwide dissemination. There is no convention that is dedicated only to connection and unification among the friends and with the Creator; every event must integrate its entire height in the process in that we activate three levels: the lower, the higher, and the level above the higher. And we who are found in the middle must work on our mutual relationships with the two adjacent levels.

I very much hope that we are hastening our development and will succeed.
From the Lesson about the Importance of Dissemination, 8/12/14

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