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How To Transform Enemies Into Beloved Brothers

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I don’t understand why you are saying that we lack unity among the people of Israel. I think that in this difficult time a very good connection is made between people: We feel that we are in one boat. During a war we become very attentive and help each other. What kind of connection are you talking about?

Answer: But if a connection like this is created during war, it is based not upon love, but on fear. We are ready to help each other only in difficult times, meaning that there is no love in us. If I love someone else, I would always want to be near him, helping him all the time, like the closest relative, like my child.

It is necessary to understand that through unfounded hatred that separates us, we harm the world. And we can have a good influence on it through connection, like one man with one heart.

Question: So does it mean that there is a connection between unfounded hatred that rests within the people of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Answer: All of the conflicts in the world are the result of separation within the people of Israel, including the present conflict. There is no other evil in the world besides the evil of the ego that splits the people of Israel. If we want to correct all of the evil that exists in the world and transform the world into good, we must connect, approach one another. If the people of Israel are divided, the whole world suffers more.

So come, let’s try to connect, indeed that is how it works. We are like a valve that regulates influence upon the world. If we connect more within, a good influence begins to pass to the world through us, and if we are divided, evil comes into the world through us. The people of Israel are unique; they are the origin of good or bad influence on the whole world.

We are not fulfilling the role that was imposed upon our people which was even written about thousands of years ago, and through separation between us we draw rocket fire upon ourselves. It is difficult to accept this, but this is the law of nature. Start thinking about it and you will see that it works this way unambiguously.

We cannot exist if we don’t fulfill this law and don’t bring good to the world through the connection between us. If we are divided, the whole world suffers, including us.

We cannot be like everyone in the world and be like other nations. We tried to do this many times, but we didn’t succeed. We have to fulfill our unique role.

The nations of the world blame Israel for causing bad for everyone. Nations declare this which are found thousands of kilometers from Israel and have no connection with us. And in spite of it all they hate Israel, even though they have never seen a Jew and have no concept of how he looks.

This anti-Semitism is the result of a law of nature. We project separation, meaning the hatred that exists within the people of Israel, to other peoples and cause their hatred, crises, and conflicts. They claim that the Jews run the banks, industry, destroying their environment, almost sending typhoons on them, meaning the Jews are to blame for all their troubles.

The nations of the world feel inside that there is a people found everywhere in the world. It acts only for its own good and causes harm to others instead of bestowing good on the world.

So the whole world stands behind Hamas and supports it openly or indirectly, and secretly hopes that it will be finished with the nation of Israel once and for all. And we ourselves cause a relationship like this through separation among the people, because of which we become the source of all the troubles.

The more separated we are, we give the world a worse example, and it also becomes divided. As a result of this, the nations of the world feel worse, and they feel this evil comes from Israel. The whole world receives the form in which the people of Israel are found. So if we want it to be good for all the peoples, we must connect among us and reach that harmony and love of others that we experienced standing before Mount Sinai, as one person with one heart.

And if we advance towards a connection like this, we will see how the whole world will necessarily begin to be built according to the people of Israel, loving it and seeing it as a good angel. And that Hamas will become the best friend of Israel, the beloved brother who is devoted to keeping its soul. Through our behavior we manage nature, the whole picture of the world. So it is up to us only to realize our role in the world, especially at this time, when the world is found in such a dangerous situation on the threshold of World War III.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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On The Waves Of Hate And On The Waves Of Love

On the Waves of Hate Question: You are trying to prove that if we begin to work on improving the relations within the Israeli nation, the Arab terrorists, who grew up in Gaza and who have been preached to since birth that to kill a Jew is the most honorable action and that thanks to that you reach Eden, will suddenly calm down. This claim seems naïve. What is the connection between our inner relationship and the conduct of the terrorist?

Answer: I understand that your doubts are real. But tell me please, why does everyone hate the Jews and why do people say that we are the reason for the troubles in the world? Why is there such strong anti-Semitism in South Korea? If it were a Christian country, we could somehow understand it, but have the Jews ever insulted Buddha? Or have we conquered any Korean territories?

Why is anti-Semitism growing everywhere? Why does it exist? There is a rational, sensible explanation but we simply don’t see the connection. It is just as if prehistoric man would see me press a button on the wall and then see the room filled with light. He would think that I am an angel or a magician. It is the same here, there is a connection. Don’t be as primitive as prehistoric man and try to see the connection between the different phenomena in the world.

This is clear even to people who don’t know the wisdom of Kabbalah, the inner Torah, the true wisdom, but simply from their life experience, from examining and analyzing historical facts. Anti-Semitism is an indication that the Jewish people are special and that they influence the whole world. Anti-Semites accuse us for the evil in the world.

Thus they actually claim: “We depend on you! Stop harming us! We cannot correct the situation in any way, you are stronger than us!” In other words, they are asking us to do them good, and the good state is unity.

You should learn this from nature. Nature is global and balanced and only mankind harms everyone: It intervenes and destroys nature and brings it to a state of imbalance. It is because man doesn’t use his ego naturally in order to live and to receive from nature what he needs to survive, but mercilessly robs nature and destroys it.

Question: So it turns out that our ego is killing us. Is this the diagnosis?

Answer: The ego separates people and we have to learn to connect above the ego. It says, “love will cover all the sins.” We should learn to do it. The Israeli nation knows how to do it and should start this correction. The moment it starts the correction it will immediately spread all over the world.

The nations of the world will feel that the correction comes from Israel and will begin to regard us with love, to help and support us. Our Arab neighbors who are ready to destroy us now will help us live good life.

We actually summon the waves of hate all over the world by refusing to connect and to ascend above the ego that separates us. But if we do so, the waves of hate will turn into the waves of love.

If we look at what is happening from this perspective we will feel shame for not fulfilling our mission, our role. On the whole, we should have begun to fulfill it in the days of the ARI in the 16th century.

But since the beginning of the 20th century we simply have to start the correction, from the moment we were given the opportunity to return to the Land of Israel. Thus we have received the conditions to fulfill our mission regarding the nations of the world. We exist only for the sake of the world.

The Jewish people are the same group that Abraham had gathered in ancient Babel and took out of Babel in order to unite it and with its help correct all of Babel. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells about all that.
From the program “A New Life” 7/17/14

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Dissolve Into The Friends

Dissolve Into the FriendsQuestion: When I direct myself toward dissolving into the friends, into the group, and I have the desire for this, I feel that I am higher than they are to some degree.

After that, I perform an action. I take a turn in the kitchen, wash the floor, or wash the dishes. I begin so see other friends who are more influential, and I feel myself as lower than they are. Is this tension between what is desirable and what I understand that I get in comparison to others a prayer? Is this the right work?

Answer: If I serve the group and feel myself lower than them all the time, ready to help them in everything and to serve them, this means that I completely yearn to nullify myself before them. After the nullification comes the next stage: Can I be integrated with them? When I nullify my ego, I am included with them like a drop of semen in the uterus of the mother. This is already an Ibur (the beginning of the creation of the Partzuf).

The readiness to be integrated into the group and dissolve in it completely symbolizes that all of my thoughts, desires, and yearnings exist only to perceive the desires and characteristics of the friends, and, through carrying out their desires, give contentment to the Creator who gives me this possibility for creating a system of communication between me and Him, which is called a “group.”

If I dissolve into this matrix and accept it completely as my field of work, then I find the Creator in it. He fills all the friends in the group, and I begin to feel Him in everyone. They don’t feel this, as in the example of Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma, whereas I feel it. We have to reach a state like this.

After that, the connection with the Creator on the basis of the group must become mutual where He and I already begin to speak with each other. I begin to understand His plans in the group, and according to this, I answer them by dissolving even more actively in it.

That is how I grow. This means that I begin to understand and perceive what the Creator is doing with the friends, and, through my actions, I do the same thing. I am included in greater and greater communication with them, and in this way, I become like Him, and this is my spiritual growth. That is how my state called Ubar (fetus) begins to develop, and after that, already come the next stages of spiritual growth: birth and development.

Question: What is active nullification?

Answer: You don’t need to think or be concerned about this. You don’t understand in what manner to do it. With time, all of this will appear with you. Just begin to act, and our method will lead you forward. It will be revealed in the person, and, here, there is no need for any teacher. As it is written, “One’s soul shall teach one.”
From lesson 3 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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