Dissolve Into The Friends

Dissolve Into the FriendsQuestion: When I direct myself toward dissolving into the friends, into the group, and I have the desire for this, I feel that I am higher than they are to some degree.

After that, I perform an action. I take a turn in the kitchen, wash the floor, or wash the dishes. I begin so see other friends who are more influential, and I feel myself as lower than they are. Is this tension between what is desirable and what I understand that I get in comparison to others a prayer? Is this the right work?

Answer: If I serve the group and feel myself lower than them all the time, ready to help them in everything and to serve them, this means that I completely yearn to nullify myself before them. After the nullification comes the next stage: Can I be integrated with them? When I nullify my ego, I am included with them like a drop of semen in the uterus of the mother. This is already an Ibur (the beginning of the creation of the Partzuf).

The readiness to be integrated into the group and dissolve in it completely symbolizes that all of my thoughts, desires, and yearnings exist only to perceive the desires and characteristics of the friends, and, through carrying out their desires, give contentment to the Creator who gives me this possibility for creating a system of communication between me and Him, which is called a “group.”

If I dissolve into this matrix and accept it completely as my field of work, then I find the Creator in it. He fills all the friends in the group, and I begin to feel Him in everyone. They don’t feel this, as in the example of Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma, whereas I feel it. We have to reach a state like this.

After that, the connection with the Creator on the basis of the group must become mutual where He and I already begin to speak with each other. I begin to understand His plans in the group, and according to this, I answer them by dissolving even more actively in it.

That is how I grow. This means that I begin to understand and perceive what the Creator is doing with the friends, and, through my actions, I do the same thing. I am included in greater and greater communication with them, and in this way, I become like Him, and this is my spiritual growth. That is how my state called Ubar (fetus) begins to develop, and after that, already come the next stages of spiritual growth: birth and development.

Question: What is active nullification?

Answer: You don’t need to think or be concerned about this. You don’t understand in what manner to do it. With time, all of this will appear with you. Just begin to act, and our method will lead you forward. It will be revealed in the person, and, here, there is no need for any teacher. As it is written, “One’s soul shall teach one.”
From lesson 3 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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