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Opening Pandora’s Box

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that leprosy is the ego that emerges and cannot be corrected. Can it infect others with the disease?

Answer: Yes. It must be suppressed and isolated until a person has the powers to correct it.

When I ascend spiritually to the level of the priest, I can examine whether my desires are correct or not. It isn’t easy. First I have to be objective, which means exiting myself. Second, I must have the attributes of Tzimtzum (restriction), which means ascending above myself, and starting to study to what extent I can objectively discover my essence a little.

This is Pandora’s Box and when I open it the scariest, lowest, most horrifying, filthiest desires come out of there. Sometimes they may seem clean and right, but if I delve deeper into them, I see that underneath there is a concealed intention to harm others.

Comment: I always find this surprising and painful…

Answer: It depends on how you do it. You should prepare yourself for it, in order to examine everything gladly afterwards, since this leads you to a bright future, which means to an analysis that will free you of all the pain.

So the main thing is to first feel that you are ill. It depends on the environment you are in. If you enter the right environment, it will influence you in a way that you will begin to feel that there is something wrong with you. By examining yourself with regard to the goal described in Kabbalah books, you begin to feel the first new sensations: “Where am I wrong? Why don’t I live in accordance to the upper goal?”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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Pull The String And The Creator Will Be Revealed

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf I exert myself spiritually, I want to see how, despite the difficulties, I move from concealment to revelation.

I am in a confused state, but thanks to the group, the study, etc., and thanks to certain rights, I understand that the current state comes from the Creator. The end of this string is enough in order to upload the right picture: that everything comes from Him and that I want to know Him, to feel Him, and to reveal Him through the states I now overcome and work with. He operates through all these concealments while I become more connected to Him through all these concealments. These concealments become the thickness where we meet and I understand it.

In that case. this kind of work is very fruitful and leads to positive outcomes. I move forward through all these vicissitudes and tighten my connection with the Creator from one day to the next, under the rain of missiles and other interruptions.

I don’t fully reveal Him and will not attain His attitude, His mind, and His relations unless the whole Malchut of the world of Infinity is fully revealed in concealment. All this is actually revealed in the Aviut (thickness), in the problems that come along. It is in this Aviut that I get to know Him, feel Him. and hold on to Him.

There is no other way. This is actually my personal success. Later we have to think about how all this is related to the group and to the whole world.

One way or the other, this has to be my goal at any given moment, when I discover the interruptions, do not nullify them, but actually ascend above them. The principle of “if I am a not for myself who is for me” actually belongs to them and the final principle “There is none else besides Him.” It is not only the beginning and the end but the rationale of my search, and the formula of its success are also His doing.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/24/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Two Approaches, Two Results

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are involved with dissemination of the integral method in businesses: We developed a preliminary program of five lessons, we arranged practical work, and concluded with a unity event. The success was amazing!

At the same time, the group arranged similar workshops in another region of the nation, but they got a completely different results: People whom they worked with suddenly had a negative reaction and ceased all contact with our friends. I would like to understand, is this success or failure?

Answer: Why were there two dramatically different results? It’s evident that a some groups bear Light and others don’t.

We have to understand why this happens. In fact, it is not important what we say. You can speak beautifully, logically, and quote the sages, but all to no effect. And you can barely pronounce the words and people will listen to you as to a child who is muttering something and we admire him. This is because he ignites a unique channel and love streams to people through it.

This needs to be learned. There is no doubt that in a group that has not been successful this channel has not been ignited. It is necessary to check if these people have the right preparation, study correctly, and connect with other groups.

The first level of examination is whether we go to events with connection and unity between us, meaning with such a state where we gather the upper Light within us, and then it will begin to work through us.

In the future we will begin to feel how the Light works and will determine which part of it we bring to people. Suppose that today we are igniting them with the pressure of the characteristic of Nefesh or Ruach, or even Neshama, all of this we can measure precisely, follow it and use it. And people will perceive this.

In this way, a harmonious system of mutual cooperation is created between us, where all of its elements are found in full maximum balance. For all of us can feel each other so much that nobody pressures anyone, nobody expects anything, and everything rotates simultaneously at different ends of this system, like a well-oiled machine.

If we yearn for this in our group, we will eliminate negative external results because the upper Light will start streaming through us to people, and then it will continue to work.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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The Way Of “He Doesn’t Want To”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: For us veterans there is the good fortune of watching the young people in our ranks taking upon themselves the lion’s share of concerns (internal and external) for dissemination of the integral method. They evoke admiration.

But together with this, a bitter taste remains of those people who have studied for some time and have gotten accustomed to another way of study and other mutual relationships. They cannot find their place in this system. So the group is in some kind of conflict. How should we perceive this?

Answer: I understand you very well, because I myself belong to this type of people. It was very difficult for me to recognize this, that the Creator can be attained only through practical connection and unity with people like me.

I grew up in science and I was its fan, so I thought that it was necessary to perform everything through the mind. When I studied The Study of the Ten Sefirot and other sources, I “swallowed” them and constantly digested them within me with all of the juices.

It seemed to me that this would help me and  that only in this way would I attain this wisdom. That is how it continued for a number of years. So I understand these people well. But what can be done? Even for me it was difficult to change myself, because I was created differently: closed, distant from others, kind of  a “bookworm.”

Question: Is it worthwhile to push them imperceptibly a bit to participate in dissemination or is it preferable to leave them alone?

Answer: It is forbidden to leave them alone. They must feel both through bitter envy and through sweet envy that you have what they don’t have and that you will attain the upper world specifically thanks to what you are doing, and they won’t.

You need to help them this way, but don’t deliberately poke them in their face, rather with subtlety, show that they must participate physically in this, if not actively, then with their desires, even those who are opposed: He doesn’t want to, but in spite of it all he participates. So it is said that in spiritual work a person is motivated by envy.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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Israel Is Not A Nationality But An Aspiration

Dr. Michael LaitmanIsrael” are the souls that spiritually awakened in ancient Babylon. They are Babylonians who once sensed an aspiration to become similar to the Creator. This sensation manifested in their search for the meaning of life.

Nowadays, the same aspiration shows up in the form of external symbols. Each one who has a desire “directly to the Creator” and who wishes to reveal, connect with, and depend on the Upper Governance is called “Israel.” These people strive to reveal the meaning and essence of life more than anything else.

Israel is not an ethnicity; it’s an aspiration. This explains why people of diverse nationalities who have this desire tend to unite. At first, unity among these people appeared because of Abraham; later it happened due to Moses. The purpose of unity is to bring us to a state when we all become one man with one heart.

When united, Israel acquires similarity with the Upper Light and turns into a pipe, a channel that conveys the Upper Light. The Upper Light transitions through Israel to other Nations of the world. This is the duty of Israel.

If Israel doesn’t fulfill its mission, the nations of the world blame them, push them in various forms to fulfill their duty, and hate them for not fulfilling their task; this is called “anti-Semitism.” They demand good conduct from Israel because it affects their lives. The nations of the world demand Israel to follow their mission.

So they start to accuse Israel for all the bad that happen in this world. Even the nations that don’t know Israel and never encountered it sense their dependency on it. Presently, the strongest anti-Semitism is felt in South Korea even though they have nothing to do with Israel. But they feel it and anyone who depends on Israel has the same feeling.

The world is structured in a way that Israel serves as a channel to convey the Upper Light that descends though Israel to the rest of humanity. If Israel stands united, the channel opens, and when Israel is separated, the channel is tightly sealed. This makes it very clear that Israel is the most crucial point that determines the state the entire world will be in: good or bad.

The nations of the world do not possess any freedom of choice. They can only come to Israel and oblige it to change. We need to explain this structure to them, which they feel intuitively. They only need to understand exactly they should demand from Israel: connection and nothing but connection! General pressure will not help.

And Israel doesn’t understand what it should do. Therefore, now, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed when it has become possible to correct the system. Many generations ago, Kabbalists spoke about our time. In the last century, Kabbalists pointed out that during our time unity would be feasible.

The world must unite. We have no idea who belongs to the nations of the world and who is a part of Israel. Anybody who aspires to unity for the sake of attaining the Upper Light is called Israel. Those who belong to Israel must unite and attract the Light to the rest of the world.

This means that Israel has to receive the Upper Light to bring it further to the creation. This is the mission of Israel!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/14, Writings of Rabash

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Heavenly “Milk”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we come to the suffering of Shechina from our state?

Answer: Many of us have pets: a dog or cat. They know who their owners are and they follow them around the house all day long. Wherever their owners go, their pets go there too. But if their owner grieves or cries, the pets don’t “feel” the owners’ tears because their desires are at a much lower level. In the same way, the suffering of the Shechina are at a higher level, and we simply are unable to sense it.

Moreover, if I never suffered in this life, I cannot sympathize with others. For example, the majority of people have never experienced famine. They never starved. For our generation it is normal. It’s quite rare that someone has no food at all for several days in a row. It sometimes happens that we are hungry because we had no time to eat, but none of us ever experienced real starvation. That’s why for us it is impossible to understand what those people who have absolutely nothing to eat go through. We cannot share their pain.

We can’t feel the Shechina’s sufferings because Her pain is generated by a desire to give everything She has, but there is nobody who wants to take it. Subconsciously, people suffer because of their inability to exist at the level of the world of Infinity, but they don’t acknowledge or realize this fact. However, we have to rise to this level.

The Shechina’s affliction belongs to the next level. Can you imagine your dog crying when you are upset? Let’s say, your friend died and you are crying and mourning. Can your dog share your pain? No! The dog can only sense that you are in a bad mood, not more than that.

This explains why we are incapable of connecting with the Shechina. If not for the Upper Light that develops the desire through the four stages of the direct Light – from the initial inanimate level to the vegetative, animate and speaking stages, we won’t be ever able to climb to the top. It is the Light that does it for us; we are not the ones who do it. If we want to rise from our animate desire to the speaking level called “man” (Adam, similar to the Creator and the Shechina), we need the Upper Light to help us.

However, after the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels, including the highest step of the animate desire (a human being, the last variation of “monkeys’ that belong to this realm) were created, the Upper Light stopped the process.

In order to rise to the next step, we have to be the ones who trigger the Light! Then, It will develop our desires to the next level, because a desire is the only material of creation. The desires of the next stage will be the desires of the Shechina, the revelation of the Creator, the property of bestowal. We have to attain this level because our job is to attract the Upper Light onto ourselves.

This is where the wisdom of Kabbalah steps in because it is a methodology of attracting the Upper Light, the system of self-development that allows us to seek the external help of the Upper; however, it happens only if we are the ones who trigger the Light.

If we don’t seek the Light, it’s similar to a cow that suffers because of an excess of milk; when she cannot carry it inside herself any longer and milk flows from her udders, and there is nobody to milk her.

However, the Upper Light continues pouring, but we don’t sense It inside our Kelim (vessels), but rather around them. We cannot receive the Light into ourselves because we don’t yet have similarity of properties with it. We don’t want to bestow or receive for the sake of bestowal; this is why the Upper “milk” pours all around us and we feel very bad. We realize that there is abundance around us, but not inside us.

So now the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed. It never happened before, but it is happening now! All that took place before our time is called the “forefathers.” These are the steps that humanity had to go through in order to prepare the methodology of correction for us. Today, we must implement this methodology in life.

Kabbalah speaks about becoming similar to the Upper Light with the help of daily activities and by building relationships among us that exist at the spiritual level. If we start doing it, the Light will impact us to the extent of our efforts.

Then gradually, the drops of “milk” that Dvinity dispenses will penetrate into us, enlighten and correct us; thus, we’ll change. As a result, we’ll aspire to rise to the level of “Adam” and will want the same things as the Upper Light, Shechina: we’ll aim at receiving for the sake of bestowal; we’ll strive to be “Bnei Eichal”, i.e. the sons who comprise the Upper Kli (vessel).

This state can be reached only by attracting the Upper Light that manifests in us only through our similarity with It in everything: in the way we interact with each other, disseminate, and to the degree of our exertions to correct the world through ourselves.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson 2

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 11

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.

Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory

Let’s summarize. Humanity consciously, but unknowingly, is moving toward unity. The return to some form of socialist ideas, continuous growth of social networks, the emergence of the European Union, new transnational companies, and other similar trends clearly points to this fact. At the same time, we understand that unification, as it is called, requires sacrifice.

However, the most striking thing is that many subconsciously expect Jews to solve this difficult task.

“Jews are sent as a catalyst for social life, a driving catalyst.” (Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn)

Non-participation in these processes is not ignored either, since the Jewish people are directly associated with the welfare of the world.

“If Israel should disappear for the sake of the welfare of the rest of the world, I’m not going to protest against the destruction of the Jewish state.” (Dr. Michael Laitman)

As we remember, the “Jewish question” began with Abraham. He managed to create a nation on seemingly irrational social principles. If these principles did not stem from the laws of nature, the Jewish people would have long since disappeared, and, as it is known, this has not happened.

To make this discovery, Abraham had to know and fully understand the nature of man. I wonder what we know about the human being, meaning us ourselves? Still, 3800 years have passed since the time of Abraham.

This is what it is written in the dictionary.

“The human being appeared on Earth during the long and uneven evolutionary process – anthropogenes, many stages of which are not fully clear.”

These are the times. This definition makes it clear that the origin of man is not clear. Not surprisingly, one contemporary textbook treats this subject as follows:

“At the basis of modern scientific understanding of human origins lies the concept according to which humans originated from the animal world.” (General Biology, Grade 10-11. A. Kamensky et al 2005, p. 267)

Another, more recent textbook writes exactly the opposite:

“It is perfectly legitimate to conclude that monkeys have always been monkeys, and humans were humans! The human being did not originate from an animal.

“Studies show that he appeared on the Earth in his human form.” (General Biology. Grade10-11. Edited by Academician Y.P. Altukhov, 2012, p. 264)

As much as the human being is developed, so is he limited. He talks about the Big Bang, yet he hardly knows anything about himself.

How can we compare some concept pointed to in one textbook with some studies relied upon by on the opponent?

But not so long ago everything was simple and clear. We were sure that we knew everything or almost everything. At least we were absolutely sure of the basic things, the fundamentals.

“Life is the mode of existence of protein bodies, the essential element of which consists in continual metabolic interchange with the natural environment outside them, and which ceases with the cessation of this metabolism, bringing about the decomposition of the protein.” (Frederick Engels, Dialectics of Nature. 1883)

“So, we have to admit that we cannot give a precise definition of what life is and cannot say how and when it originated. All we can do – is to list and describe the features of living matter, which distinguish it from nonliving.” (Biology, Ed. R. Soper. Mir, 2004, vol 1, p. 10)

It is difficult to say what information about the human Abraham had early in his research. It seems that he was not in a better situation than we are. In any case, Abraham brought this study to an end. We should follow his example.

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