Two Approaches, Two Results

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are involved with dissemination of the integral method in businesses: We developed a preliminary program of five lessons, we arranged practical work, and concluded with a unity event. The success was amazing!

At the same time, the group arranged similar workshops in another region of the nation, but they got a completely different results: People whom they worked with suddenly had a negative reaction and ceased all contact with our friends. I would like to understand, is this success or failure?

Answer: Why were there two dramatically different results? It’s evident that a some groups bear Light and others don’t.

We have to understand why this happens. In fact, it is not important what we say. You can speak beautifully, logically, and quote the sages, but all to no effect. And you can barely pronounce the words and people will listen to you as to a child who is muttering something and we admire him. This is because he ignites a unique channel and love streams to people through it.

This needs to be learned. There is no doubt that in a group that has not been successful this channel has not been ignited. It is necessary to check if these people have the right preparation, study correctly, and connect with other groups.

The first level of examination is whether we go to events with connection and unity between us, meaning with such a state where we gather the upper Light within us, and then it will begin to work through us.

In the future we will begin to feel how the Light works and will determine which part of it we bring to people. Suppose that today we are igniting them with the pressure of the characteristic of Nefesh or Ruach, or even Neshama, all of this we can measure precisely, follow it and use it. And people will perceive this.

In this way, a harmonious system of mutual cooperation is created between us, where all of its elements are found in full maximum balance. For all of us can feel each other so much that nobody pressures anyone, nobody expects anything, and everything rotates simultaneously at different ends of this system, like a well-oiled machine.

If we yearn for this in our group, we will eliminate negative external results because the upper Light will start streaming through us to people, and then it will continue to work.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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