Qualitative Effect

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When going out to disseminate we seriously depend more on external results: being liked, not being liked, success, failure. We are missing any direction of thought as to why we are doing it. The goal is constantly elusive.

Answer: There is a lack of unity within the group in which the Creator exists or any vital necessity of discovering Him, the point of connection of the group with the Creator. You must reveal our method to others without any personal interest, with complete bestowal. For you are indeed coming and presenting the higher power that is needed to correct them. Everything that follows is derived from that, everything comes from it, and you are a conduit for its transfer. And so nobody understands why this effect is obtained. The effect is a law of nature.

I suppose that we have two problems. But it is indeed impossible to demand their immediate resolution. This will come with time.

First of all, little attention is paid to the consolidation of the group from which you are going forward, for within it the Creator is discovered, and you are really presenting Him to the external public. It is impossible to be passive here because you are carrying out the work of bringing the higher power to the masses, and it carries out all the rest. This doesn’t mean that you should immediately relax and release yourself from any responsibility; rather, you must feel this power of unity called the Creator within yourselves and give Him the opportunity to work on the person.

Specifically in this point of contact of the Creator with the external public, when you present Him to them through your efforts, you begin to discover Him. You lack this point; the Creator is not revealed anywhere, but only in the unity that you organize. The unity gives us a qualitative effect.

The you won’t have any problems. You job is done: You brought the Creator down to the people and revealed His vessel (Kli) that He preparesd through the Surrounding Light. Whatever results there may be, ultimately it will always be positive. This contact is very important.
From the Sochi Convention 6/10/14, Lesson 3

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