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What Is Happening To Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, people need to know what is happening to them, for whatever reason it happens, and how they can change the situation.

We see from day to day the hastening of the events that bring us closer to new states more quickly. We can only detect this sequence in which a punishing imperative is seemingly inherent.

Throughout the world, we are witnessing growing anti-Semitism, outbreaks of hatred towards Jews, antagonism against the State of Israel, and all kinds of demonstrations. Various media are trying to distort the facts, creating news and daily analysis in an anti-Israel light.

We see that the whole world as if discovers in this a common force, one spirit that permeates the atmosphere with hatred towards the Jews and Israel.

When the human being recognizes this general trend that is sweeping the world in a manner of weeks, one naturally asks oneself: How is this possible that there is such a powerful reaction to this small war, in comparison with the hundreds of thousands who are being killed in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Africa, Afghanistan, etc.?

Here indeed lies the ultimate destiny, and only the secret wisdom, the science of Kabbalah is able to explain what is happening to us and how to act correctly in this situation.

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 28

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.

“Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory”

The universe hints that it has the mind and feelings.

Nature is a unified force.

Nature is composed of two forces: giving and receiving.

The still, vegetative, and animate nature develops due to an internal program.

The force of bestowal and reception are being developed together.

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The Donkey Rides On A Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are beginning to be disappointed by modern science. No matter how many discoveries science has made, ultimately we discover that we are not supported by it.

Science has given us a multitude of medicines, but on the other hand, medicine has become a global industry that doesn’t always set the healing of the sick as its goal.

Science has made it possible for us to produce an abundance of food, but in spite of all this, half of the world is malnourished.

Science has created a whole army of machines that are ready to replace a person in just about all areas of life, but millions of miserable people are forced to invest hours at work, sometimes for pennies, and the unemployed, in contrast, are left lacking everything and are gradually drop out of life.

We are not okay. In fact, all of the current achievements are concluding some kind of historical cycle. And today, at the beginning of the 21st century, it will become clear that this cycle was only so that we would discover and understand that it is not through science, technology, nor the modern philosophy of life that we reach a good and successful life.

I have no chance for a good life, and most importantly, we stop looking sanctimoniously at our own end. But` I don’t just want to disappear at the end of my life, rather I would like to discover eternal life for myself. But no. The best that I can do is to be less distressed at the current moment, using different “bait.” That is all of our lives.

Today humanity is doing some soul-searching: Why is all of this here and for what? And so the time has arrived to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah. After all, only knowledge of the general system, and only this science that speaks about the general plan and about the method for realizing it, only this wisdom is truly worthwhile. And without the wisdom of Kabbalah, we will not find the real answer to any question.

Scrutiny of the way through which we have gone brings us to this. Since Adam, 5,774 years have passed. The human species has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. And what’s next? What have we attained with our human development? Have people become happier, more secure? Are we living a better life in this world? Do we know at all what we are living for, or do we simply exist to hold onto this beastly biological life, so that the body will suffer less?

How miserable a person is under the dominance of his “beast,” under his corporeal needs, serving them all the time: Now I let it lie down to sleep, now I feed it, now I wash it, and so on. This means that throughout all his life he is concerned about his “beast,” which in spite of it all, will finally die.

Is this what we are living for? Are all of our wisdoms and personal resources going to this? Is the Adam (man) in me living for this, to placate the “beast?”

And so now, a person has the opportunity to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah, and then he will understand what he has acquired.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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On The Threshold Of A Grand Event

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we do when the feeling of unity begins to subside?

Answer: I advise everyone to seriously engage in even greater unity. Moreover, it should be distinctly aimed at creating one single desire directed at connection where the Creator will appear.

You must develop this thought in you, seek it constantly, analyze, collect, process, and refine it. It should constantly churn inside of you and you need to “suck” it like hard candy.

Strive to support each other and treat each other with great sensitivity. Do not distract one another from thinking about spirituality. Reread what Kabbalists write about the conditions of uniting at Mount Sinai in order to “be as one man with one heart.” These are the conditions for revelation of the Creator.

The entire world group stands at the threshold of this event. What is required in order to come to it? Find materials about standing at Mount Sinai and read them, trying not to perceive the language of the sources as religious.

Constantly remain in an increasingly more precise, pointed, common, mutual, and intertwining intention so that all your intentions will connect between you and create one single whole through which the Creator will be revealed. You can achieve this.

Do not confuse this most important goal with going out to the broad public. Going out among the people is meant only to “tighten” you a little more, to give you additional spiritual needs.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 6

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The Strongest Idea

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the brochure “The Only Way Out”:

The Jewish people have repeatedly proven that it is possible to love one’s neighbor as oneself. Yes, it was short-lived. Yes, brief periods of brotherly love were replaced by long years of mutual hatred. But even if it were possible for only one month, even for one day once in a thousand years, it is worth giving up everything.

Humanity unconsciously feels the need to comply with this ethical principle. Judge for yourself. The principle which is in fact, impossible to follow, is the foundation of our civilization!

Love thy neighbor as thyself (the Golden Rule) in the Abrahamic religions, Confucianism, ancient philosophy, and a number of other world religions is a fundamental ethical principle. “The Golden Rule,” Wikipedia:“The Golden Rule or ethic of reciprocity is a maxim, ethical code or morality that essentially states either of the following: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.”  

And what about anti-Semitism? It’s simple. The nations of the world need an example, and not a short-lived example, not from somewhere in the past, but ongoing and right now. To follow this principle, it is not enough to know about it second hand . One must personally see it in front of oneself.

Who must set such an example? Of course, it must be those who brought this principle to the world. And what happens if they do not show this example? If they do not know they have to set this example? If they do not know how to accomplish this? Then comes anti-Semitism.

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A War Between Good And Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do you feel that the warm unity that is being revealed in the people of Israel in the latest war is only a small taste of that complete connection that must exist between all people?

Answer: Very much so. A connection like this must exist between all people in the world, without exception. Everyone must feel that others are like his blood brothers. And the people of Israel must show an example of this: giving power and energy to this, helping others to organize.

This is specifically what the anti-Semites say, except differently; for after all, they still have not received any help in this from the people of Israel. And so they are asking for something good from us, but they blame us for being the source of all suffering.

Question: How does the connection of the people of Israel that is created in a time of war influence the world?

Answer: It has not yet influenced the world because we have not attained true unity. In the meantime, we are far from the state of being like one person with one heart. We must organize according to those processes that bring the people to general unity. And likewise, it is necessary to explain to the whole world that we are building an example for everyone.

The process that Israel must go through to unite as one nation is intended for other nations. And this symbolizes being “a light to the nations,” “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” Without the inclusion of all peoples in this process, creation will not become a single integral system.

The people of Israel were already in a state like this. Now it is charged with an additional task: not just to connect between us as we once were, but specifically to bring the entire world to connection. So this is called the “complete redemption,” “the last generation.”

All of humanity must attain the same connection that once existed among the people of Israel. We are not just returning to that state. We are not connecting just to be united between us but in order to connect others. This is another task from the start, a new level, a new direction, and a new goal.

So we must disseminate this knowledge to all of the people of Israel, and to the whole world as well. This is specifically what we intend to do: to unite in order to unite the people of Israel and the whole world after it. We need to remember this goal from the outset, as it is said, “the final act is in the initial thought.”

So we must disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah and all that it says about the correction of the world and the mission of the people of Israel. And we will see how much this will be accepted in the world.

But if we don’t do this, then the whole world will join to support Gaza. Imagine the whole world siding with Gaza, connecting to it with all their heart and soul, and sending battleships, weapons, missiles, and aid there. What would we do then?

And this is what will happen if we don’t translate this war between good and evil inward, by directing against our evil, against the opposition to connection. This war of Gog and Magog was described clearly by the prophets. It was said that the whole world will join our enemy, and for example, the enemy that we see at the moment is Hamas.

Yet in fact no enemy exists, we materialize it through our separation. If we want Hamas to disappear, we only need to unite. Hamas has no other role besides the unification of the people of Israel.

All wars and suffering are directed only towards one goal, to obligate us to feel the power of unity and to rise to the level of a single consciousness. But we see that the moment that the war ends, the situation calms at least a little, and it becomes a bit quieter, we immediately fall from the level of unity.

And who has the responsibility for the people of Israel not descending from this state of unity? Those with have the method of Kabbalah, of unity. This means people who are studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and understand the whole program, the process, the powers of correction; they are the ones who are responsible for everything that is happening and must bring the method of unification to all of the people.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/12/14

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Tastes Of The Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: You once compared a book about the attributes of the Light to a book of recipes for the healthy tasty food.

Answer: Yes, indeed it is so, since it is about the tastes of the Torah. But in order to taste it, one has to feel it.

I drool when I look at what a cook prepares! In the Torah, however, I read about a lamb being slaughtered, skinned, and cut etc. so what of it?! I have no feeling that matches the description of these spiritual actions.

While reading, I have to taste and feel the matching desires and attributes; how they operate in me, what I reject, and what I am attracted to. I have to feel them because these are the same desires and intentions that I live with and are the most important for me at any given moment. This is either getting closer to the real upper source on which everything depends or drawing away from it.

This means that here I work with more prominent attributes, but they are described in the Torah in words and definitions that are dead and far from the lexicon that describes feelings. There is nothing we can do since the language of the Torah operates accurately according to the connection between the roots and their branches.

What will I taste if I take the cedars of Lebanon, birch, or a scarlet coil of rope? These things are tasteless and I don’t understand what they refer to.

Only when a person discovers these feelings inside him and when they storm in him while reading the Torah will the concealed become revealed.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/14

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Chance To Help Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I deal with the general public, it’s quite hard for me to feel them. Even though our knowledge about these issues is vast, maybe there is a shorter and more sensory, psychological way to approach them? My inability to find connection with these people hurts me a lot.

Answer: I understand that you cannot descend to the street level. It is very difficult. Often, it is much easier to ascend than to descend. However, this stage has to be covered.

For example, Baal HaSulam ascended on his own, but in order to write The Study of the Ten Sefirot, he asked the Creator to lower him. In his article “The Prophecy,” Baal HaSulam wrote: “…even if I descend from my sublime degree, I must make a heartfelt plea to the Creator, to grant me attainment and knowledge of the prophecy and wisdom, and the words by which to help the forlorn people of the world, to raise them to the same degree of wisdom and pleasantness as mine.”

Lowering to these people is very difficult! It’s anti-spiritual! It’s against the entire creation; it’s hard even in this realm! A real teacher who can lower to the level of a child and talk with him as an equal is a rare and wonderful professional. Usually, it is done mechanically.

In the workshops, you should practice to think as common people do, sense them and talk with them at their level. At the same time, it is quite dangerous. Try doing it very accurately and measure your ability to play as if you are one of them.

You have to learn how to transition between our level and lower degrees. You should dynamically switch between various levels and be in different states: become as a man, a woman, a child, a more or less educated person, or an ignorant one. You should play these roles very seriously and feel their reaction, needs, demands, and opinions.

At the same time, you have to remain at your own level and still be “dressed” in their image. This is called “Levush” (clothing). Only then you’ll establish a good contact with them.

Let’s say, your level allows you to define the other people’s degrees. How can you descend from your level and make contact with them? This process is called a “descent,” “clothing,” it is a pedagogically spiritual maneuver. Teachers use this method subconsciously. In our system, it should be accurately measured.

You must make a special Zivug de Aka’a (cohesion with the Light); i.e., you should transform yourself into a lower state and make contact with ordinary people in a way that both of your states merge. It is a very interesting job that we will have to learn to do. That’s why we are called “the teachers of humanity.”

It is very good that we already have a demand for this kind of work. Try talking about these issues with each other. This is actually all that the The Study of the Ten Sefirot is about. All our work is about it too. Then, through working on these states among you, you’ll start feeling them internally.

Also, it’s interesting because when one goes through these states, when one dresses in numerous new Partzufim, one becomes “round” and equal to the world of Infinity. This is the type of connection among people through which unity, love, and complete merging occurs.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 4

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.21.14

Writings of Baal HaSulam  “Introduction to the Study of  the Ten Sefirot,” Item 7

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