The Donkey Rides On A Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are beginning to be disappointed by modern science. No matter how many discoveries science has made, ultimately we discover that we are not supported by it.

Science has given us a multitude of medicines, but on the other hand, medicine has become a global industry that doesn’t always set the healing of the sick as its goal.

Science has made it possible for us to produce an abundance of food, but in spite of all this, half of the world is malnourished.

Science has created a whole army of machines that are ready to replace a person in just about all areas of life, but millions of miserable people are forced to invest hours at work, sometimes for pennies, and the unemployed, in contrast, are left lacking everything and are gradually drop out of life.

We are not okay. In fact, all of the current achievements are concluding some kind of historical cycle. And today, at the beginning of the 21st century, it will become clear that this cycle was only so that we would discover and understand that it is not through science, technology, nor the modern philosophy of life that we reach a good and successful life.

I have no chance for a good life, and most importantly, we stop looking sanctimoniously at our own end. But` I don’t just want to disappear at the end of my life, rather I would like to discover eternal life for myself. But no. The best that I can do is to be less distressed at the current moment, using different “bait.” That is all of our lives.

Today humanity is doing some soul-searching: Why is all of this here and for what? And so the time has arrived to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah. After all, only knowledge of the general system, and only this science that speaks about the general plan and about the method for realizing it, only this wisdom is truly worthwhile. And without the wisdom of Kabbalah, we will not find the real answer to any question.

Scrutiny of the way through which we have gone brings us to this. Since Adam, 5,774 years have passed. The human species has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. And what’s next? What have we attained with our human development? Have people become happier, more secure? Are we living a better life in this world? Do we know at all what we are living for, or do we simply exist to hold onto this beastly biological life, so that the body will suffer less?

How miserable a person is under the dominance of his “beast,” under his corporeal needs, serving them all the time: Now I let it lie down to sleep, now I feed it, now I wash it, and so on. This means that throughout all his life he is concerned about his “beast,” which in spite of it all, will finally die.

Is this what we are living for? Are all of our wisdoms and personal resources going to this? Is the Adam (man) in me living for this, to placate the “beast?”

And so now, a person has the opportunity to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah, and then he will understand what he has acquired.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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