An Era Of Small Ideals

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Scientists have long understood that it is possible to continue to advance only if we change our attitude toward reality, so why don’t they discover that changes must be made in the researcher himself, in man? What is stopping them from following this direction?

Answer: It is true that this realization was born in the time of Spinoza and Kant, but because they lacked practical tools, this approach remained theoretical. Scientists are reluctant to step into this field because it belongs to philosophy.

Psychology also deals with changes in man, but it isn’t a science since it doesn’t control the processes. We cannot change something in the body, for example, to disturb the balance of acidity, to add some more electricity, and by that change a person’s perception of reality, record the results, and repeat them several times in order to determine a certain law based on our statistics. We don’t have standard “buttons”; we don’t know exactly what every person discovers.

So what can we do? We cannot conduct similar experiments since this area is beyond human nature and remains unattainable. In order to study ourselves, we have to rise to a higher level. For this reason, science deals with concrete facts, and in the main direction it finds itself in a dead end.

There is nothing scientists can do about that, but at least they aren’t carried away by fantasies any more. It is true that they do talk about “boundary” areas, and deal with abstract ideas that sometimes turn into the popular science, and that is natural. After all, there are no new scientific challenges anymore, so why not “spice” it up with philosophy or with fantasy for the general public?

I don’t blame the scientists at all. They are looking for challenges and are filling empty niches, but it all stems from inner despair. In the conceptual aspect science is over. A person who wants to know reality better sees that his hands and feet are tied. A true scientist has an urge to discover things, but when he delves into the secrets of matter he sees a border that he cannot transcend, and this border is inside him. Beyond the inner border, his mind and feeling and even his imagination don’t work anymore. He discovers that he is in a “matrix,” a “pattern” that exceeds the limits of his abilities.

I understand this tragedy, the inner frustration that throws scientists in different directions, whether it is practical science, technology, or the opposite, philosophical theories and populism. There is nothing they can do…

A few days ago, for example, there was an article in the paper about stopping the particle accelerator project for the next year or two; this is after great efforts and resources have been invested in it and we are told that it is because the system is being upgraded, but in fact it is about a general trend of decline. Everything is stopping, even the space program humanity dreamt about. If space flights are not profitable today, then they are not funded. Romanticism is dead. It was affected before, but people still hoped for something bigger until the ego totally covered the whole desire. In the past there were all kinds of “bright ideas,” but now the fourth phase (Behina Dalet) is in control, destroying the remains of human conscience and good intentions.

Money determines everything. The rich also control politics and every other aspect of our life. Once it wasn’t only about money, but today it is the opposite, there is no other account. There is no pride, no respect, no offenses; they all belong to the past. Today you can only hurt people’s pockets, since this is what the wealthy take pride in…

Unfortunately, outside the wisdom of Kabbalah, people are still looking for a method to change the external form and not man himself. They would like to reach the essence, but they simply don’t have an inner point in order to see where the essence is and how to work with it. They try to connect, to love one another, to work for the good of society, but they are only declarations and not real internal changes. It is because a real change is possible only with the help of the Light that Reforms since otherwise everything is limited imaginary idealism. They think that it is enough to call everyone to connect generally, and then you are already corrected, that it is enough to speak about “love the others as thyself” and then you are already special… it is human nature and so there is no future in these connections.

As of today, there are two areas that are very close to Kabbalah—education and psychology. It may well be that people who study the global crisis seriously will somewhat agree with us, but then again, it is only to a certain extent, above which we still remain by ourselves…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/13, “Body and Soul”

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  1. In our despair, our hearts have weakened, and the cold machine mind that is toxic, has taken control. Who can help us?

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