“Banging Your Head Against The Wall” Or Starting To Think?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to ask of the Creator? Where is this Creator? How can I ask for something from Him, if I know nothing about Him?

Answer: You should look for Him! Everyone should imagine Him in his heart, or perhaps in his imagination, although Kabbalists don’t deal with imagination.

The Creator is called the general force of nature. Why do we say that we turn to Him? This is really very confusing. But there is a force that I can discover according to my desire. In our corporeal life I also discover different phenomena according to my desire. If I had no desire, I wouldn’t see, I wouldn’t breathe. For everything, there is first a desire and then you experience, discover, hear, and understand it, open your eyes more, and make a breakthrough. It is all according to the desire.

It is the same here. The spiritual world is merely a connection that is concealed from us for the time being. In it we discover our life that is independent of the body; the body is dead, while we continue to live in this connection. This is called a “soul“. Now we have to discover it. Our body doesn’t interfere. If we annul it—which means that we live in it because we are alive, without giving it any special attention, without glorifying it, using it as is, feeding it, letting it drink, washing it and putting it to sleep, and taking care of it as we take care of an animal and not more than that—and invest everything else in discovering the soul, then we will discover it.

A soul is the connection between everyone. In order to discover it, you have a point, a beginning of a soul. If this point is missing, there is nothing we can talk about, you are free, go deal with your body, enjoy life. But if you have a point in the heart, the beginning of a soul that evokes you, that doesn’t let you rest, then you come to a Kabbalistic group and you are told how to start revealing your soul, your connection with others. It isn’t a connection between humans, between their bodies, but a connection between individual desires in which there is a point, a beginning of the soul.

Imagine that there is a concealed network among a million members of our global group (although there are many more). This is what we have to discover. The moment I discover the 1/125th part of this connection, I am already on the first level of the spiritual world and in that network, I discover the spiritual world, my self, eternity above time, motion, and place, the whole spiritual dimension, and the source of all this that is called “the Creator.” This is what we are attracted to.

There are people who have already discovered spirituality, written about it, and told us accurately and in great detail how to fulfill this revelation gradually, and what we should do. All this is called “Torah“, the book of instruction. It doesn’t speak about any physical actions or movements with our body; we can leave it alone. It is only about how we can develop our sensitivity through the connection with others, toward the upper force, and then you will attain eternity.

Question: I am sitting here with the text of The Zohar, trying to feel something else that is here as a result of our collective efforts, but I can’t. I continue, and I fail over and over again. You are saying: “Ask the Creator!” but I know nothing about Him, I have nothing to hold on to!

Answer: My advice is that if you have hit your head against the wall a thousand times, then perhaps something has “moved” in your head as a result and you can think a bit more deeply about the Creator: “Who is hiding there? Who is standing in my way? Who has put this wall before me?” You are not just hitting your head against the wall anymore, but you are adding thought to it. A person grows wiser as a result of the blows, right? This is what I expect of you.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/13, The Zohar

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