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Invitation To Unite

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe survival of the people of Israel has always been dependent upon its unity. Therefore, now, more than ever, we must unite. If we rekindle the love among us, we will protect ourselves better than any “Iron Dome” will ever do. Moreover, unity will continue to protect us even when the storm subsides, endowing us with peace within, and the favor of the nations. (From the booklet, “Invitation to Unite”)

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Israel Under A Powerful Magnifying Glass

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that, through its internal separation, Israel influences the Arabs and awakens a hostile attitude in them. However, the Arabs don’t just attack us, they mercilessly kill each other.

Answer: The reason for this behavior is the separation of the people of Israel. This is what causes effects like these in other nations. Through our lack of correction, we also awaken a lack of correction in others, and because of this they behave cruelly.

Your correction or small deficiencies appear in them on a scale multiplied a million-fold. Suppose that you feel bad about your Jewish neighbor and distance from him about a millimeter. On the Arab side, they begin to kill and slaughter each other. Do at least a drop of good for your neighbor, and the Arabs also will calm down, and it could be that they even will begin to perform good deeds.

Israel is the bottleneck, the source of what is happening, the pipe that conveys the Light, a good attitude to other people, and if we close this pipe of Light, we become the reason for all the problems.

Question: Does it follow that all of the relationships between us in Israel radiate to the relationships of other people, which grow on the scale of millions?

Answer: Israel is the faucet that manages everything. We open this faucet a little and streams of goodness flow to the world, and if we close it through our bad behavior, then the world is left without Light and screams that Israel is harmful to the world.

Such small changes in us, in our faucet, awaken positive or negative changes in the entire world on a grand scale.

Question: You want to say that my bad relationship to citizens is radiated to other people a million times over, as if through a powerful magnifying glass or a loudspeaker, for example, to Syria, the Ukraine, and so forth.

Answer: They not only fall upon each other, but they also come to us with accusations, for they feel from where this relationship comes. They see in us the reason for their hostile behavior in their relationships to one another and the reason for all their troubles, and they unconsciously bring this hatred back to us, because it is our fault they are hostile.

This is a law of nature, and it is not important if humanity understands it or not. It feels the same thing unconsciously and acts accordingly.

My bad relationship with a neighbor comes back at me like a boomerang, multiplied many times and revealed in the form of the hatred of the Arabs toward Israel and the missiles that are sent in our direction. We cannot determine this unambiguously: Now, I looked askance at my neighbor and, in another moment, an air raid siren is heard. This is a closed system, complex and integral, but, specifically within it, there is such a connection.

We only need to begin to connect, and we will see how, thanks to this, the world will be different. Perhaps it won’t be immediate, but, after some time, everything will begin to calm down.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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Open The Heart And Not The Mouth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When our friends go out to the wider public to arrange a workshop, what can we, those who are not with them, add to their intention, to their message?

Answer: Internally, we must gather together and think about them. This is what is called praying for their success because, as a result of this success, they will bring us “booty,” in other words, the desires of all of those people who want to feel themselves a little better, a little happier, and more successful in this life. It is not important that these desires are egoistic; we take them.

With this, we perceive them. We begin to feel a need to give people all that they want: happiness, connection between them and all the rest. Their desires begin to work in us, and this means that we have something to elevate to the Creator. Otherwise, we don’t rise to Him.

As Baal HaSulam writes in the article, “No Time to Acquire What is Given,” we cannot ask for ourselves in any way. Even if I want to ask, “Give me the possibility to bestow to you. Give me the possibility of fulfilling the others. Give me the possibility to…,” I cannot say “me” because, this way, I place myself opposite the entire system, I don’t enter into it like a gear.

I must say, “Give to them” or “to us,” but in no way to “me.” This means that, if I pray for something, I must pray for the others so that it will be good for them. Then, I am participating in this correctly.

So, if we now are thinking that our friends will succeed in going out to the public and will connect with it so that the public will feel warmth from them, that their inner desire is revealed to the friends (even if they don’t feel this obviously), that they will bring them to us, then it will become a prayer to the Creator.

So, we ask and entreat the Creator spiritually, even though the public is asking for something completely materialistic. The Upper Light comes precisely through a prayer like this.

Question: What is preferable: to read a segment, to be quiet for 30 seconds, or maybe to sing a song? What do we do so that all of us are thinking about them for at least a second? What does it mean to pray?

Answer: Prayer is your desire that the friends will succeed in doing this action, that this will give contentment to the Creator. This is prayer. We open the heart and not the mouth.

I don’t understand what you are imagining to yourselves as prayer, as a spiritual activity. Is this when you disperse clouds with your mind or light candles or fall on your knees?

A spiritual activity is when you very much desire something in common with the others, and, in this activity, besides you and the group, the Creator participates.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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Contact With The Audience

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does internal contact with the audience mean?

Answer: Creating internal contact means feeling the audience as naturally as a mother feels her child. A father feels him through his head and a mother through the umbilical cord. This connection remains.

In the spiritual world, intrauterine spiritual development of the fetus leads to birth, but birth is not a departure from the higher Partzuf but an even greater connection with it.

In our world we are detached from our parents, from our mother, and we begin to develop independently, growing distant from her. But in the spiritual world, no! We get even closer, clothing the higher Partzuf: on NHY, on HGT, on HBD.

This means that in the spiritual world an even greater deepening happens within the Upper Partzuf; it is not birth outside of it, but an even greater entry into it.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 13

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.

“Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory”

Researchers of the past and present are unanimous.

The human being is a creature that emerged in a group, is developing and evolving in a collective.

Moreover, his social nature is inherent even in the very word “man.”

Literally, a man is a member of a tribe or family.

So, human beings, as well as animals, are creatures which are social, public, and one might even say, collective. The question is what is the difference between them?

In contrast to the “animal collective,” human society does not stand still. It is constantly evolving. In what ways?  An example is in the change in social formations.

A socio-economic formation, in the words of Marx, is a historically determined state in the development of human society.

What formation didn’t humanity endure?! Below are listed the brief definitions of basic social structures and systems.

  • The primitive communal society is a primary archaic formation characterized by common ownership of the means of production, collective labor and consumption, and the low level of productive forces.
  • The slave society is a formation characterized by private ownership of the means of production and direct producers; the main classes of slave society are slaves and masters.
  • Feudalism is a socio-economic formation, which replaced slavery, and was based on feudal ownership of land and the exploitation of peasants, who were in a condition of bondage.
  • Capitalism is the type of socio-economic system that emerged in the late Middle Ages, and is currently prevailing in most industrialized countries. The common features of capitalism are generally considered private ownership of the means of production and competition.
  • In the words of Karl Marx, socialism is the first phase of communism, a social system which replaces capitalism and is based on public ownership of the instruments of labor and means of production.
  • Fascism (Italian “fascismo,” from “fascio” – beam, bunch, association) is a form of movements and political dictatorship, characterized by violence against the masses through a comprehensive political mechanism.

Throughout history, humankind related differently to the change in the social scenery. In any case, many believe that the Jews have something to do with it.

Romans and their empire seem no more than a bubble compared to the Jews. They (the Jews) have given religion to three-quarters of humanity and have influenced historical events to a greater degree than any other nation, ancient or modern.

However, it doesn’t really matter whether or not Jews have influenced historical processes. What’s more important is that humanity is evolving and evolving continuously. The question is what awaits us? Abraham was sure that the endpoint is unity and an interdependent humanity. Sooner or later we will learn whether Abraham was right or not. However, today, looking back, we see an obvious increase of collective tendencies.

In the beginning, a person was associated only with his family. Then he “became connected” with the master, then the feudal lord, his country, and today with the whole world. The problem is that these processes occurred and occur unconsciously, under the influence of external conditions.

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Convention In Toronto “Day One” – 08.04.14

Convention in Toronto “Day One,” Meal 1

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