Israel Under A Powerful Magnifying Glass

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that, through its internal separation, Israel influences the Arabs and awakens a hostile attitude in them. However, the Arabs don’t just attack us, they mercilessly kill each other.

Answer: The reason for this behavior is the separation of the people of Israel. This is what causes effects like these in other nations. Through our lack of correction, we also awaken a lack of correction in others, and because of this they behave cruelly.

Your correction or small deficiencies appear in them on a scale multiplied a million-fold. Suppose that you feel bad about your Jewish neighbor and distance from him about a millimeter. On the Arab side, they begin to kill and slaughter each other. Do at least a drop of good for your neighbor, and the Arabs also will calm down, and it could be that they even will begin to perform good deeds.

Israel is the bottleneck, the source of what is happening, the pipe that conveys the Light, a good attitude to other people, and if we close this pipe of Light, we become the reason for all the problems.

Question: Does it follow that all of the relationships between us in Israel radiate to the relationships of other people, which grow on the scale of millions?

Answer: Israel is the faucet that manages everything. We open this faucet a little and streams of goodness flow to the world, and if we close it through our bad behavior, then the world is left without Light and screams that Israel is harmful to the world.

Such small changes in us, in our faucet, awaken positive or negative changes in the entire world on a grand scale.

Question: You want to say that my bad relationship to citizens is radiated to other people a million times over, as if through a powerful magnifying glass or a loudspeaker, for example, to Syria, the Ukraine, and so forth.

Answer: They not only fall upon each other, but they also come to us with accusations, for they feel from where this relationship comes. They see in us the reason for their hostile behavior in their relationships to one another and the reason for all their troubles, and they unconsciously bring this hatred back to us, because it is our fault they are hostile.

This is a law of nature, and it is not important if humanity understands it or not. It feels the same thing unconsciously and acts accordingly.

My bad relationship with a neighbor comes back at me like a boomerang, multiplied many times and revealed in the form of the hatred of the Arabs toward Israel and the missiles that are sent in our direction. We cannot determine this unambiguously: Now, I looked askance at my neighbor and, in another moment, an air raid siren is heard. This is a closed system, complex and integral, but, specifically within it, there is such a connection.

We only need to begin to connect, and we will see how, thanks to this, the world will be different. Perhaps it won’t be immediate, but, after some time, everything will begin to calm down.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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