Invitation To Unite

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe survival of the people of Israel has always been dependent upon its unity. Therefore, now, more than ever, we must unite. If we rekindle the love among us, we will protect ourselves better than any “Iron Dome” will ever do. Moreover, unity will continue to protect us even when the storm subsides, endowing us with peace within, and the favor of the nations. (From the booklet, “Invitation to Unite”)

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  1. Hello, I be-leave in one God who is a Spirit. I think God created Good and Evil when he defined himself as Good and Love, and that he created Light and Darkness when he said he is Light. Darkness being not Light. Evil being, Not Love and a repercussion of God defining himself. I think all things come from God and in the beginning was God, God Only. My Question is this, How can God being the supply and substance of all things become and stay 2 for the purpose of Love? I have been taught that the purpose of our creation is to love God and then other’s. I’ve been taught that love takes 2 entities and that God is 1. Because God is 1 he created man with free will to enable Love that takes 2 with free will. But if we can become 1 with the Spirit of love then how can we remain separate enough to enable love to flourish between us and God in the next life, Which currently is my purpose in Life? i.e. Loving God. Kind regards Doug

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