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Discern The Creator Through The Curtain Of Our World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You gave a task that the women shouldn’t gossip or slander. There was half a day of excellent relationships between us, and after that, various kinds of interpretations and evaluations began, and ultimately, everything was broken. How do we rise above this?

Answer: You must understand that the Creator wants to raise you to the next level and arranges situations like this for you so that you will work on it.

Question: What exactly can I do when I see that everything is falling apart, both inside and out?

Answer: Show an example of the opposite, which works on you positively, for everyone around you are ideal, and, in your ego, they only seem to you as imperfect. However, don’t let it turn and manage you. Rather, in spite of it all relate to them with absolute love.

Speak about this amongst you. In what way does the Creator work with you? How does He plays with you, and you are fools dragged around by the Creator. He shows you how weak you are in your unity in order to oppose participation in His exercises.

This is nothing more than an exercise. Unfortunately, you don’t perceive that everything comes from Him. What is the connection here to some woman who said something hostile about her friend? All of us are puppets on strings, robots. That is how you must perceive everything.

I must look at the group as an ideal collection of “gears” that the Creator manages ideally and I see that everything is imperfect so that I will be able to make this situation into an ideal one in my thoughts and feelings, and the next exercise also will be directed toward an even more ideal state.

That is how I constantly raise myself from this level. If you were to react correctly, then the changes in states would not happen after half a day, but in another hour, and afterward, every minute, and after that, every second. You would quickly complete the work of this system.

If a person doesn’t feel he is in front of the Creator and between them is this world—like a semi-transparent screen through which he constantly wants to see the Creator—if he doesn’t direct himself in this way, then he has no correct reaction to reality. He is immersed in a game with this screen on which are stuck all kinds of decorations, our entire lives, and everything that we imagine to ourselves, and we participate in this illusion.

However, if, through this falsehood, he constantly tries to see the Creator, who is deliberately arranging all of this for him, this already becomes a proposal to direct himself permanently toward the Upper Light.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 3

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Loving Caregivers

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to overcome the sensation of the lack of equality between new students and great and experienced friends?

Answer: I don’t understand where the sensation of a lack of equality appears. The person does all that he can exactly like everyone else. He tries to work on himself all the time so that through nullification of the self he will be connected with the others.

What is the difference if he is great, small, a beginner, or experienced with some special characteristics? It doesn’t matter. If everyone around me is greater, then it is better for me because from them I get good examples and am eager to advance. When I think about my spiritual realization, I help the entire world, for each one of us is not like the others!

In my time, I was like a baby in the hands of five or six Kabbalists who had studied with Baal HaSulam. What was I then? Who was I for them? Nothing, but they treated me supportively and kindly.

I saw that they didn’t tell me everything. They were quiet about many things. However, gradually it became more and more clear to me what was happening, and I had no complaints about them. When I was in a spiritual descent and went into a low mood, they encouraged me by promising me that, in a number of weeks, everything would be revealed to me, and, even though this was a lie, an impression remained with me that they were like loving caregivers.
This is how a group must relate to each of its members.
From lesson 4 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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The Will Of The People In The Modern Era

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreviously the world was governed by kings and lords who didn’t need anyone’s permission. Anything they said was considered sacred.

Then, monarchs began listening to their parliaments; thus, autocracy was somewhat limited. Later, the Parliaments split into various chambers and deprived the monarchs of any real power.

Finally, today we are facing a very peculiar situation: governments are losing their influence. Government officials appear unprincipled, unscrupulous, and lacking ideals. They have no positions, no ideals, and no goals towering above everyday life.

On the other hand, it is the mass media that has acquired a tremendous influence and forms and manipulates social opinion. And today virtual social networks join this process and often intercept the initiative from the mass media.

So, it turns out that governments no longer have any decisive power. Governmental bodies barely cope with current affairs, ostensibly executing their people’s will, a will that is shaped by the mass media.

The next step will be that people will create their own platforms; they will form their own level of social understanding and agreement. The role of the mass media and governments will be just to listen to them and, in varying degrees, to implement it.

Therefore, we must spread our agenda among people in various countries; we should convey our message and explain to them what it means to be the people of Israel in the land of Israel.” We have to explain to them what will happen when we attain unity.

When people will feel the deficiency and need for unity and when they understand that unity is the only salvation from all their burdens, the general public will demand their governments to make it work. The governments will ratify new laws and launch new educational programs in kindergartens and schools that will teach how to cultivate correct relationships among people.

This is how the global shift will happen: the will of people will define further progress.

Question: If the general public plays a decisive role, will uncontrollable situations, chaos, and anarchy result?

Answer: Not at all! There is no power better than this. Power is needed for rulers to rule over their people, whereas in this situation, the people are already driven and governed by the idea of unity. The time of individualism is over. We are approaching the end of correction and that’s why public opinion becomes a main factor.

No, there won’t be any chaos and confusion in this scenario. People will turn into a unified whole; their opinions will be closer, and destructive confrontation that leads to wars and disasters will disappear. People will feel the desire to unite and instead of kings, political parties, and factions, there will be a powerful, consensus, a unified view.

Question: A general consensus, isn’t that wonderful?

Answer: We will arrange things in a way that the Light spreads among us and returns us to the origin, to unity. This is how the people will become the only ruler. This is the revelation of the upper force in us, the revelation of the Creator in creation.

Question: But how exactly will people handle various matters?

Answer: With the help of the upper force because the Light, the force of bestowal, the power of unity, will spread connecting them into one whole. Then, together with the power of love and bestowal that will fill them, the people will merge with the Creator, the force that made them and that gives them vitality.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: ‘The Wars of Israel’” 7/21/14

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The Land Of Israel Is No “Warm Nest”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe purpose of the wars the people of Israel engage in is to make us understand what we should fight for and how we should do it. All wars must be engaged in internally and pursue one goal: unity among us.

Question: How exactly do we interact with the upper force when we are at war?

Answer: The upper force is a natural power; it represents the force of unity, the Light. As soon as we attract it, “invite” it to descend to and govern us, it appears. And then, through us, the people of Israel convey this force to the nations of the world.

Thus, the concept of “Israeli wars” means the battle against our egoism that separates us. “Israeli wars” signify combats for unity that must be created among us and then transferred to other nations.

Question: What are the indicators that the upper force manifests among us and makes changes? Could it be in changing dynamics of the process?

Answer: I judge this in the global world crisis that tells us the world lacks unity and connection. We all are in a system that identifies us as one, undividable, general whole, and yet we are detached from each other and therefore we suffer damage and cannot attain the state of abundance. This is the essence of the world crisis.

Negative results of the general crisis are shown in all spheres of our life: deterioration of family values, mutual hatred, wars, conflicts, devastation of natural resources, etc. All of these disasters root from the wrong connection between us.

Question: Why do restrictions that limit our military capabilities despite our superiority in arms?

Answer: We have an asset: a people who are called “the people of Israel” living in the land of Israel. In other words, we have everything to organize our life in a way that is required of us. After all, “Israel” stands for unity and connection. “Israel” means that we are all connected and fixed on the goal prepared for us from birth: to be “as one man with one heart.”

I think people have come to the point of despair of the partial military victories we achieve. The people of Israel are ready to hear exactly what our salvation depends on. Clearly conventional methods are not even close to resolving the problem.

On the contrary, year after year we sink deeper into this problem. So let’s give up our last illusions: There is no military or political solution to the situation; the only way to resolve this confrontation was described in the wisdom of Kabbalah thousands of years ago. Nothing has changed since then.

Question: Is it true that the current war opens and awakens people’s hearts?

Answer: It happens not only to us. I repeat, the wars that we are forced to engage in are meant to show us that we have to seek a solution of a totally different nature. Military actions alone direct us in the wrong way. It is completely unfeasible to cope or make friends with our neighbors. There is no chance to build a house for the people of Israel under these circumstances. The entire world will finally agree with this fact. While the state of Israel exists, the world has reached the conclusion that we should not be here in this land any longer since we have become a burden for humanity.

Have we really come to this land to create a “warm nest” for ourselves? “So, find another place!” – we are told. “You know how to settle down anywhere!”

Conquering the land of Israel after the exodus from Egypt is quite different. At that time, we had to come here to become “the light for the nations,” to build the Temple (literally – the House of Sanctity), i.e., to reach unity that conveys the Light.

What are we giving to the world at this time? What do we waste our uniqueness for? The nations of the world expect different actions from us.

Question: Where does the worldwide pressure push us?

Answer: The pressure comes from the upper force, the power of unity, the overall force of nature that acts on inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels. At this time, this force has to penetrate into the “thickness” of the speaking level and then merge with the rest of humanity. We are the “plug” that prevents It from doing this. This is the root of all troubles and wars that happen in the world. They are meant to address us.

Let’s hope that we will finally understand this language. Our predestination is to open the path for the Light and become “the light for the nations.” Only then will there be peace for us.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write. ‘The Wars of Israel’” 7/21/14

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Climbing The Organizational Ladder To The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can one consistently be in inner work, in inner prayer, to pass toward unity?

Answer: It is impossible to be consistently in inner prayer. Even the greatest Kabbalists went through great descents and ascents, and the higher that a person is, the greater his descents. So, it is necessary to understand that this work continues until the completion of correction.

We correct the general shattering of the Kli, and it is natural that the greatest shattered states are the strongest. In fact, the more complex shattered states are microscopic. First, we simply don’t pay attention to these contradictions, and, after that we reach a state such that our sensitivity rises all the time. We begin to be involved with our states in that we receive them with great sensitivity.

With great Kabbalists, all kinds of changes are made with great regularity because they are correcting themselves all the time, and the imprecision seems immense, great, to them, and this is the work of correction! This is life.

Every time you feel that you are working on the next level and, after that, on the next level, and so forth. The problem is not that as if you have come to work, have obtained a position, for example, that of a clerk, and begin to rise on the organizational ladder higher and higher. Here, internal work is done in your spiritual collective with the Creator. Indeed, the work on this connection gives lots of different discernments, but it is the same.

The great Kabbalists describe this in their writings. At first glance, it seems that very extensive material is found in their writings, but if we sort them, then there is nothing unique here. It is always talking about desire, about Light, and  the connections between them.

So, what is required of us is only the right intention.
From lesson 4 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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Work Given By The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are shaping a unified field between us. However, one way or another, each one invests his own thoughts. How does one determine the right choice toward the group, toward the unified field?

Answer: A person within himself cannot determine anything, only if the influence of the friends directs him can anything be determined. Otherwise, he will be only in continuous contradictions and oppositions.

He must constantly be under the influence of the group, in other words, participating in all of its events. We must methodically renew and increase our influence on each one of the members of the group.

We must place a goal before ourselves: create the right field around us so that it will get to the friends, will arouse them with the right work, and they will feel the kindness, the serenity and tranquility, and confidence in our work.

If one falls, the others help him up. The Creator constantly makes adjustments so that each one of us will come to his place and carry out his work. The concern about this must hang in the air.

Once, in the conventions in Israel, we threw big balloons into the air, and each one made an`effort to let no balloon fall to the floor. Specifically in this way, the unity, the Arvut, the mutual support, is revealed when you are not only not “drilling a hole in the boat,” but also are concerned all the time that the others won’t do this.

The main thing is to support the elevation of spirit and the excitement of the friends. The Creator gave us work, “Friend, this is your part, and, as long as you have not glued all of the pieces together, you will not get a soul, for it is one. It is because none of us has a soul, rather only its shattered parts.”

It is necessary to understand that the Creator gives us a place for work. So, be involved with it. Yearn to attain connection with the fragments of the soul of the friends and make it so that they will love you.
From lesson 4 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 16

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory

Humanity is part of nature.

First of all, you need to study the human being.

Everyone should be a psychologist – for himself and for human society.

Fruits appear bitter and unattractive. When they ripen – they are tasty and attractive.

To comply with the laws of nature, it is necessary to learn what the human being is, what his environment is, and how they affect each other.

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