The Will Of The People In The Modern Era

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreviously the world was governed by kings and lords who didn’t need anyone’s permission. Anything they said was considered sacred.

Then, monarchs began listening to their parliaments; thus, autocracy was somewhat limited. Later, the Parliaments split into various chambers and deprived the monarchs of any real power.

Finally, today we are facing a very peculiar situation: governments are losing their influence. Government officials appear unprincipled, unscrupulous, and lacking ideals. They have no positions, no ideals, and no goals towering above everyday life.

On the other hand, it is the mass media that has acquired a tremendous influence and forms and manipulates social opinion. And today virtual social networks join this process and often intercept the initiative from the mass media.

So, it turns out that governments no longer have any decisive power. Governmental bodies barely cope with current affairs, ostensibly executing their people’s will, a will that is shaped by the mass media.

The next step will be that people will create their own platforms; they will form their own level of social understanding and agreement. The role of the mass media and governments will be just to listen to them and, in varying degrees, to implement it.

Therefore, we must spread our agenda among people in various countries; we should convey our message and explain to them what it means to be the people of Israel in the land of Israel.” We have to explain to them what will happen when we attain unity.

When people will feel the deficiency and need for unity and when they understand that unity is the only salvation from all their burdens, the general public will demand their governments to make it work. The governments will ratify new laws and launch new educational programs in kindergartens and schools that will teach how to cultivate correct relationships among people.

This is how the global shift will happen: the will of people will define further progress.

Question: If the general public plays a decisive role, will uncontrollable situations, chaos, and anarchy result?

Answer: Not at all! There is no power better than this. Power is needed for rulers to rule over their people, whereas in this situation, the people are already driven and governed by the idea of unity. The time of individualism is over. We are approaching the end of correction and that’s why public opinion becomes a main factor.

No, there won’t be any chaos and confusion in this scenario. People will turn into a unified whole; their opinions will be closer, and destructive confrontation that leads to wars and disasters will disappear. People will feel the desire to unite and instead of kings, political parties, and factions, there will be a powerful, consensus, a unified view.

Question: A general consensus, isn’t that wonderful?

Answer: We will arrange things in a way that the Light spreads among us and returns us to the origin, to unity. This is how the people will become the only ruler. This is the revelation of the upper force in us, the revelation of the Creator in creation.

Question: But how exactly will people handle various matters?

Answer: With the help of the upper force because the Light, the force of bestowal, the power of unity, will spread connecting them into one whole. Then, together with the power of love and bestowal that will fill them, the people will merge with the Creator, the force that made them and that gives them vitality.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: ‘The Wars of Israel’” 7/21/14

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