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Incessant War

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Almost every one of us is sure that he knows very well how to run the country and what he would do instead of the Ministers or the Prime Minister. Today there is a truly difficult task before us, to restore quiet to the nation. We are analyzing the situation, suggesting various ideas and solutions. How do you see the situation that has been created? How would you define it?

Answer: Any person with a healthy common sense sees a small nation found in a very hostile environment. And since our enemies are Arabs, it is worthwhile for us to learn about their mentality.

This is talking about a very ancient, uncompromising, and petulant people who know how to stand on their own and get their way, if not today, then in a thousand years, it doesn’t matter. They have sufficient patience, stamina, and endurance. If they have a goal, then they simply advance towards it, ready to maintain their direction in the coming moment and for another thousand years until they achieve their result.

They have a goal which is to take the land into their hands, including Jerusalem, as we know. And besides this, the Jewish people and the Arabs are very close in their origins, and in spite of this, the Arabs are accustomed to disregard us. They adopted particular things from the people of Israel like the Christians did, and since then they hate us because we Jews have lost the connection with our roots. But from our side we assume that there is a chance of changing the situation.

It could be that this is derived from the Ashkenazi that founded the state of Israel according to their sense of things, without becoming deeply familiar with the people who lived here. The founders thought that it was possible to be friends with the Arabs, to be good neighbors so as to develop together with them and thrive on the basis of equality and mutual understanding. All this was very strange to the Arab people and in their opinion unacceptable, for their mentality is absolutely different. There were no points of contact between the two peoples, they could not “digest” each other.

But for some reason we continue to hope. I don’t understand the source of this strange hope that we are ready to make peace with our neighbors, for there to be coexistence between two peoples who help and support each other and visit one another as good neighbors.

They don’t think this way at all, and they are not prepared to compromise; according to their understanding this is simply not plausible. Even in Europe they are gradually conquering the nations that give them refuge and are devouring the people who live there in order to make room for them only. They need to take control, period. No less and no more. Even if this will take hundreds or thousands of years, that is not terrible. At the end of the matter their final goal is to wave the green flag of Islam above the whole earth.

That is how they advance in life. There are places where they succeed in invading more and there are places where they invade less. They have entered Russia in a very organized and precise manner, quietly but steadily. They join the army, penetrating everywhere, they are ready to settle even in Siberia and they establish for themselves spiritual and social centers everywhere.

They know how to work with the local population; they gradually convert them into the Muslim religion. This expansion is taking place at a different rate in Russia, in Europe, and in America.

We recognize this trend all over the world, and the time has come to compare it to what is happening with us, to understand that we and the Arabs will never be friends. They will always be eager to throw us out for better or for worse. And we must constantly contend with them in order to remain here. And if we were to leave already, it must be to a place where they cannot touch us.

In principle, the Arabs are not against the Jews, as was common among the Christians. No, they are not so much anti-Semitic as anti-Israel. It is impossible to say that they hate the Jews more than other peoples. They hate the nation of Israel, for in their eyes this is an artificial “creation.” But if we leave here they will not hurt us. Beyond that, they would stop the assaults on Jews living abroad. For if Israel didn’t exist, then there would be no need to fight against us either.

So Arab hatred is directed not against the Jews, but against the nation of Israel, and this hatred will never be extinguished. In spite of all the arguments that we invent, in spite of all the quotations from the Koran that speak in support of the Jews, in the present situation nothing will help. They know only one thing, that all those who are living here must fold everything up and leave or they must slaughter them. These are the moral values of the Arab people; a knife for them is like a part of their hand.

So this war will never stop. On the contrary, we are talking about an endless war that has no solution and is conducted by different means. This is recognized, it is known to many investigators and to people all over the world who understand something.

I have no good news for the people or the leaders of the country if they still develop vain hopes about this. If we are talking about the existence of the nation of Israel, it is up to us to arm ourselves and be a number of steps ahead of our neighbors all the time, to always be ready for war so that we can stop them immediately, for we have nowhere to retreat.

During a war we don’t have room or time to maneuver, for world opinion is always pressuring us, tying our hands and not making it possible to stop the military operations to provide quiet for ourselves for ten or twenty years. The world loves it when we strike our enemies, but they know that at some point they must stop it for us. Many nations solve their problems with our help and after we finish our job, they immediately stop us and oblige us to sign peace agreements, as a result it imposes we are losing.

If we look at the situation realistically, we find ourselves retreating from security more and more. Every year it is becoming more and more difficult for us to guarantee the existence of the nation. The international position regarding us is becoming more and more rigid, and soon we will find ourselves without external support.

Even the United States is alienating itself from us and also encourages other nations to do so. This accustoms us to rely upon ourselves alone. It is clear that the American Jews support this policy because they suffer from a problem of identity, identification. They would prefer that the nation of Israel would cease to exist, for then nobody would blame them for supporting the nation of Israel.

So we find ourselves isolated from the whole world. This is no longer just a conflict with our neighbors. Incidentally, alliances against Israel are also expanding among them, and as a result of this the entire Muslim world participates in our wars (to one degree or another). Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, all these nations are involved in what is happening today. In addition to all of these, Europe and America are also exerting pressure on us.

If this continues, I don’t know what will happen to us in the next war or in the next campaign, according to what is happening to us today. This time, the United States is openly acting against us. I don’t mean with words, but with deeds. They temporarily closed our airspace, stopped us from destroying the military infrastructure of Hamas and so forth. Generally, the Americans maintain the situation so that the fire can break out again the moment that they want it. But we want to reduce the military threat for a while, to stop the transfer of weapons into Gaza. In brief, I don’t see a chance for the future if we continue to behave as previously. Nevertheless, I don’t see any problem with our continuing to live in peace and quiet, in connection and fellowship with all of our neighbors, not only with them but with all the nations of the world.

It is clear that as of today, every nation depends upon both its neighbors and the whole world. But the solution is found with us, the key is in our hands. After all, we are prepared to change the world so that the spirit of connection, understanding, friendship, contact and even mutual love will permeate everything and obligate all peoples, all nations, to join in a general movement of connection.

This possibility, this remedy is found specifically with the people of Israel. And it is up to us to teach how to activate the good power of connection. It descends upon us, or the opposite, it arises from us, filling everyone and obligating us to reach good, humane ties with everyone.

The whole world requires this. In the Middle Eastern conflict, and in general in the overall development of humanity, we have reached a general internal and external crisis. It extends among the nations and in relationships between nations so much so that we are standing on the threshold of World War III. It is clear to everyone that the situation is dangerous, but we are not ready to stop ourselves. The natural development of human society has rolled along to conditions that are similar to what existed on the eve of the First and Second World Wars. Also today as then, the process is irreversible. Even though we don’t want to enter into war, without a choice we are deteriorating into a state of war and are very close to it.

World-renowned experts suggest this, but they have no solution to the problem. For the first time in history, the general human development indicates that we are advancing towards World War III. We understand but together with this, we see that we are not prepared to resist it, as if a force from Above is building the situation and pushing us into the abyss.

Together with this, it is good that we identify this state in advance and understand the hopelessness of the state that is being created. For at this point the people of Israel can offer the world the method of connection, the method of correction of human society that will prevent war.

Otherwise the Arab-Israeli conflict will seem like something small if the “Arab Spring” extends all over the world. As of today, opposition between large blocks is beginning to be formed: West and East, China, and South America. And in continuation a major conflict between Islam and Christianity will take place. And we will be in the middle. Not only historians have spoken about this, but also our sources….

Question: Is there a threat of religious war?

Answer: A war of civilizations; a war of human purpose. There is a division into large bodies where each has a particular idea about the purpose of creation, the place of their existence within the general system. This is also connected to material values, world control, and spiritual control including spiritual symbols that are perceived by them as something eternal, as of supreme value.

So only we, Israel, can break through the trend, awakening the fundamental positive force of nature, the power that vitalizes it. This can fill all of humanity and awaken it to connection. The essence of this power is connection. So it vitalizes, activates the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate and can also awaken the level of the speaking, provided that we awaken in order to catch and absorb it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life. How to Bring Peace to Israel” 7/24/14

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A Jew Is Not A Nationality, But A Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Arabs are feuding not only with Israel, but also among themselves. Civil wars are going on in many Arab countries in which they ruthlessly destroy their own brethren with all types of weapons, even chemical. It becomes clear that bad connections between people are destroying the world.

Answer: In addition, industry and trade are linked in such a negative way that we are destroying the earth, exhausting natural resources. We are killing ourselves by our own egoism, which divides us and forces us to fight.

What destroys our lives today in the 21st century is a bad connection between people. If someone can show an example of good connection between people, he will become a positive factor affecting the world, a good force, and this is the purpose of the state of Israel. No one else can bring the world to peace, except Israel.

The world is in a global crisis that has gripped absolutely everyone. This crisis will only grow, expand, and deepen, absorbing us into itself. It is like a pit that opens in the ground under our feet, where we will fall one by one.

We do not yet feel this crisis to such an extent, but we already understand that we have no leverage to correct it, and are not able to control it. Humanity is helpless before this crisis and cannot cope with it. This is the crisis of the family, of a person’s relationship to the world, to his neighbor, to his children, and to nature.

This is a crisis of nature itself, of climate. We are losing hope for life, the form of our existence, its purpose. People are gripped by such despair that they don’t understand what to live for. And here, there is an opinion, gradually formed in the world that the whole problem is in the Jews, and namely in Israel …

This hatred of the Jews, the usual anti-Semitism and the newborn “anti-Israelism,” will not stop, but will only increase. One must understand that these grievances against the Jews come from nature itself. Therefore, we must examine them and find out how “fair” they are.

If we refer to the sources with this question, i.e., the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the true Torah, the basis of the nation of Israel, its creation and organization thousands of years ago, we will see that the grievances are correct.

Kabbalah explains why the nations of the world hate Israel. After all, it should be a light to all the nations, it should shine to all seven billion. It is his duty, for which it exists on this earth.

There is no such nationality as “Jew”! There are French, Spanish, Russian, British, but the people of Israel are no ordinary people. Anyone in the world who wants to convert to Judaism and join the people of Israel, becomes a Jew. He supports unity (Ehud) and hence is called a Jew (Yehudi).
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/17/14

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The Main Thing Is Preparation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We waste a lot of time rehearsing for an appearance before vacationers. Does the time of preparation have to be some kind of balance between adaptation of artistic proficiency and our internal unity?

Answer: I suppose that this is not necessary. It is an amateur performance and you can’t surpass professional performers. You only have inner energy, warmth, and spontaneity, these attract and attune people to you. If you have that, the method works. And if not, then of course you will fail.

This is because you are doing spiritual work, and in this work the most important thing is preparation.

Question: During the event itself, where is the Creator most of the time, with the audience or with our friends? To what must I be directed, towards the audience or the reaction of my friends?

Answer: I must be together with my friends as a single complete whole that is now conveying a message to the external public. Even when I go out to them alone as a representative of my group, I feel that I am still within the group and get spiritual force from it which is what I put into them. I must feel myself as a responsible representative of my group, transmitting the Upper Light.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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Find The Formula For Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanHappiness is not measured by wealth or by the size of one’s house, not with how many electrical appliances there are in the kitchen, nor by success in business. It is impossible to measure it with material values.

First of all, the feeling of happiness is not subjective; it encompasses whole groups of people. On the one hand, there is a measurement of integrality in the index of happiness: If everyone around me is miserable, I cannot be happy.

Let’s say I can feel strong, this is also temporary because this also requires confirmation from some part of the society. The happiness could be felt in collective unity when there is support and agreement between the people.

Secondly, even though the person wants to achieve what has been taught by society: money, status, power, fame, and so forth, essentially he subconsciously is seeking a feeling of happiness. But since they don’t teach him this, he remains miserable all of his life with a feeling of a lack of real fulfillment. In his latter days of life, when he looks at the past, he understands that there was no benefit to his life: not for himself, not for his children or grandchildren; they, like him, will not be happy.

So finding the formula for happiness and teaching it to others is the most important thing in life. Moreover, if you don’t teach others, then you cannot be happy yourself, because the feeling of happiness, as studies have shown, depends on this being felt among the people around you. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is involved with.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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Without Political Benefit

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During our roundtable discussions about our problems, it is possible that questions and advice to search for political solutions might arise, i.e., that we need to change the government or the party for another one. How is it possible to prevent these kinds of conversations and how should we respond?

Answer: The correction of the world that we suggest in no way takes into account working with any organizations or any government or social elements since all of them are egoistic and directed towards receiving reward in the form of money, honor, fame, titles, etc. It is very difficult for us to work in a mutual way with each other because we are made of different “material.”

When you come to them and they understand that you want to profit, they know how much you will pay them, and they suggest the services or the assistance according to that amount.

But when completely different units of measure of work, efforts and success appears, then it is very hard for them to understand. Even as adversaries, they can get along with each other because they know and understand each other, but with us, it is not so.

And even if they could understand us, those are not the same methodologies to correct the world with. Therefore, we need to rely only on the education of the masses.

If there is some leader, some party that can help us in mobilizing the masses, then for a short period of our development in the educating of the masses, we can probably use them.

But in principle, all of humanity is before us. I don’t advise entering into any high government circles with roundtables because I don’t believe any correct or good contact between us can be created that way.

During all of the history of our development, we see clearly that those who help us do so because they know our goal and are willing to share in it without any political or other benefit.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 3

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Urgently Needed: Helpers For Abraham

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Did Israel convey abundance and Light to the worlds in the past?

Answer: Israel have never conveyed abundance to the worlds because it wasn’t our role. We are in an evolutionary process that started with Adam HaRishon, a time that was merely a preparation.

Then Abraham began to organize the pioneer force of all of humanity. He made an appeal and began to teach the people of Babylon and wrote books, as Rambam wrote.

He didn’t simply take them out from Babylon to the land of Canaan, but did great spiritual work. It seems that he didn’t do it by himself, but he had many helpers assisting him, although it doesn’t say so anywhere. Abraham is the symbol of a whole generation, the house of Abraham. He did great work in Babylon. There wasn’t one person in Babylon who didn’t know about it.

Rambam wrote: “Abraham was forty years old when he came to know his Maker. He began to speak to all the people and to let them know that there is one God in the world and that they should worship Him. He used to go from one city to the next and from one kingdom to another and call and gather hundreds of thousands. These are the people of the house of Abraham. He implanted this great principle in their hearts and wrote books, and this process intensified in the sons in Jacob and in those who accompanied them, and a whole nation was created that knows the Lord.”

This means that it was a long whole process, and Abraham needed time in order to go through Babylon and organize his group and gather thousands of disciples. This means that the people, the souls, that were connected to the level Abraham operated on, received his message and began to act too.

Babylon corrected itself. One adhered to Abraham and followed him and another according to his desire, decided to draw away from Abraham. It is the same today when each one fulfills his own desire and chooses his own way.

Then they dispersed in every direction, according to their desires, and gathered in different groups, tribes. This is the way the world exists until this very day, but Abraham’s group had to fulfill itself and so they built the First Temple, the first step in their spiritual correction.

Immediately afterward they began to fall, since the moment you attain a certain level and fulfill it in the spiritual world, a new state immediately begins. So they began to descend: they were exiled and then returned to the land of Israel in order to stabilize the vessel on the level of Hassadim, which was the Second Temple.

The Second Temple was also destroyed. Rabbi Akiva knew this was destined to happen. He laughed at the destruction of the Second Temple since he was glad that the time of the end of correction was coming.

On the one hand, he cried out and said that people should keep the rule of love thy friend as thyself. They had to hold on to this love and unity. This means that he cried for his disciples and for the great efforts he had invested in them, but they fell to unfounded hatred. On the other hand, he knew that that was the way it had to be and was glad that the time of the next phase had come, the phase of correction.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/23/14

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How Do We Bring Peace to Israel?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis is a very serious issue, so let us approach it from a distance. As background, after the Big Bang, particles were divided into positive and negative ones, and they began to connect together. These relationships formed the various elements of inanimate nature, which appear today in the periodic table of elements.

Further formed molecules, including proteins, with greater life force and development potential stemming from the correct connections between the parts.

Through this, they began to accumulate information about how they develop—what is beneficial and what is harmful for this development—or, in other words, connection Indeed development is connection.

This process continued. Then, fauna and flora emerged and ultimately, modern man. Then, development came to a stop the moment human beings appeared; the correct connection between them was absent. After all, here connection requires a certain push to come from us.

We, ourselves, must understand, feel, and desire harmonious interconnection. The force of development and connection has done its part. It compelled nature to adjoin instinctively into one whole, and now people need to add their own desire to this process, a desire aimed at unity.

Thus, people need connection as much as the rest of nature. However, they must arrive at this bond against their natural essence that repels them from each other. We are divided into various religions and beliefs, and in general, each person wants to build their own prosperity at the expense of others.

However, life is built on a different principle: on the fact that we all connect pluses and minuses into a certain system. An atom also has polarity, but its parts interact harmoniously with each other, and this is why it forms a fundamental particle, a cornerstone upon which building is now possible.

Molecules make up more complex systems, capable of absorbing and excreting substances, forming the basis of life, and growing. All of this also happens through the combination of two forces: repulsion and attraction. Yet, what combines and connects them is still that same original force that created them, which began with the Big Bang.

Human society, however, is a collection of minuses. We repel each other, and, if we ever let anyone near, it is only to take advantage of them, to delve into the pocket of our fellow beings. To us, closeness and connection are an opportunity for mutual exploitation.

Thus, only one force manifests itself and operates in our society: the negative one. Perhaps from the side, it sometimes seems that we help each other, take each other into consideration and make mutual exchanges, but all of this is only in order to profit from one another. In addition, it does not matter what exactly I am giving or receiving because my intention is always pursuit of personal benefit.

Meanwhile, on a human level, we, ourselves, need to add the positive force for this purpose: that the force of connection is not for my own sake, but for the sake of others. Through this, we will be able to connect in a way where the negative and positive forces form a mutual, harmonious, round system between us.

In the inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature, this mutuality is supported instinctively. In other words, it is based on the universal cohesive force. Our body is also maintained by it, and this force supplies its vitality.

However, this force is not operating between us, leaving us only the negative potential. So, now, we need to add the positive part on our own through our own desire.

How? By demanding the underlying force of nature to reveal itself. For this, we need to exert effort toward a good and compassionate connection with those around us.

Question: What if they do not want to reciprocate?

Answer: Find those who are ready. Try to find such groups, and start to unite them, and then you will see how nature’s force will flow and erupt like a fountain between you. Through activities of groups like these, this force will manifest on our human level and begin to expand outward.

After all, we are connected to each other, and, in fact, we unconsciously yearn for it. Therefore, it will spread between us like water that rose up from a well that we created, for example, during a workshop, and it will continue to flow onto others.

Thus, gradually, we generate and bring a positive force into our world that knows no bounds and is able to extinguish any conflicts because, in reality, they are all brought about by lack of good connections, and it is precisely this force that we form, irrespective of religions and beliefs and above all differences.

Question: Yet, right now, I am most interested in one simple thing: How do we bring peace to Israel?

Answer: Then, understand this: Until you bring peace and tranquility to the entire world, you will not have any peace yourself either, since you are the one who is sitting on the tap the force of unity flows into the world through. Israel will not see peace until it brings peace to humanity.

Then, open the tap for that force that will pour into the world and fill it. Then, the world will begin to calm down, to form connections, and you will teach them how it is done. The people of Israel have no other choice, and there is no chance to achieve peace in any other way.

We must start with ourselves. We need to organize the people in such a way that all their leisure, and even non-leisure time, they will be under the influence of an advertising campaign of unity. At home, at work, in any circles and activities, in kindergartens, schools, and universities, we constantly need to disseminate this message everywhere.

We are practicing this together, and thereby we realize that unity brings wonderful feelings and wonderful relationships between people with it . We come to the principle, “That which you hate, do not do to your friend,” and even to the principle of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

We feel how great it is to be “as one man with one heart,” when all of Israel are friends, and we do it because, otherwise, we will not be able to exist, and not only inside the borders of the state of Israel, but, overall, as the people of Israel.

Question: So far, we have been trying to solve our problems through political and military means. What is more, we have always acted from defensive positions: Namely, we responded to external threats as they arose. It is no coincidence that our army is called the Israeli Defense Force. Yet, are you proposing an active action within a completely different realm, a social one, instead of reacting to attacks, initiating the process of unification ourselves?

Answer: This will be sufficient to bring peace to the entire world. We have a weapon in our hands that allows for victory not through war, but through peace.

Of course, for the time being, we need to respond to threats and attacks, but, above all, we need to work on unification. Through this, we will build an invincible defense because we will go outward, calm the rage, and unite everyone. We will unite them not against us, but in a true way. We will connect everyone to our unity.

This will put an end to terror and wars, to all the evil, to all the malicious groups and organizations in the world. This also will put an end to the differences and inequality between people and countries because in unity everyone is equal. Through our unity, we will oblige others to the same as well, even if they do not want it.

It is necessary to act right now because I do not know whether we will have another chance at a different time when the situation becomes much more severe than it is today.

Here and now, we are capable of turning the entire world toward good, but we are not doing this. This is the true cause of anti-Semitism, and this is why everyone is so keenly and closely monitoring what is happening here. We are always under the microscope. This does not exist anywhere else, nor will it. A little scrap of land with a population of a few million elicits a completely disproportionate interest.

Indeed, we are in the middle of it, at the center of the world. After all, only we can give it the positive force. Then, the general crisis of opposition between human nature and the natural environment will subside, and the world will calmly go on.

Question: How should we establish correct relationships between us here in Israel?

Answer: Above all, we need to understand the importance of unity as a factor of our security. Let us call this program,  say, “The Dome of Peace,” and take care of its implementation the same way that we care about the combat capacity of our army.

The program will include a system of campaigns and explanations, a system of education, and a system for preparing specialists. Everywhere—including kindergartens, schools, universities, workplaces, the army, and so on—people will be taught how to connect with one another correctly.

This must be conveyed to everyone so that even housewives will watch relevant shows on television. Everyone needs to go through this educational course, to assimilate it from a great variety of delivery: collaborative activities, including en masse, movies, music, and so on. In short, this needs to be a national program, embracing all the country’s citizens, young and old.

This way, people will move from the theory of unity to its practice, to exercises building true relationships and arranging a correct influence of the environment on everyone. Then, a person will be able to hold on easily in this channel, to show amicability, friendliness, and support, instead of competition.

A person will compensate his or her egoistic minus with a plus that he receives from society, and in this situation, these two poles are connected correctly, like in an atom. This is how harmony is created within a person, and, in addition, between man and his environment, and thus society becomes a harmonious whole because now our negative desires are balanced by a positive force.

Then a new life emerges between the minus and the plus, unfolding on a new stage on which we swing open a new dimension of being.

Question: However, is it not naive to assume that simple exercises will change human nature?

Answer: You are right. Indeed, we are all minuses. However, I repeat: we have the ability to oppose them and evoke a positive force, and this is the foundation of our program. We are not talking about childish games of unity, but about a method that allows us to attract the positive that is inherent in nature.

It is not with banners with nice words since the writing needs to be, as it is written, “upon the tablet of thy heart.” People awaken this positive force in practice and develop it between themselves. At a roundtable, minuses generate a common plus, and later they learn how to work with it, how to use it, and this is the second stage.

Thus, the method allows a person to become free, to take the two forces into their hands like two reins and direct their life toward good. Conversely, today, people are driven by only one force that is dictating everything to them from beginning to end toward a third world war.

Question: Yet, do you consider yourself to be a naïve person?

Answer: I consider myself to be a very cynical and egoistic person, ready to swallow the world, wanting to enjoy everything possible. In addition, however, I am a scientist, and I know that in nature there is a positive force that acts on the inanimate, vegetative, and animal levels, but it does not operate among people. Thus, it follows that we need to extract it.

This is the purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is built into the foundation of our people and explains how it can be done. This is why it is becoming revealed to us in our day. Let’s make use of it.

Question: Do you see peace with Gaza on the horizon?

Answer: What I see on the horizon is our free choice: Either we will go down the good path toward peace and tranquility, feeling every day that we are closer to the goal and seeing how the world is changing its face and treating us kindly, or we will do it through great misfortunes. However, either way, we must carry it through because according to the program instilled in nature, we are required to come to correcting the world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life: How to Bring Peace to Israel” 7/24/14

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 12

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.

“Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory”

The Postulates Of The Theory of Integrality

The human being stands out from the animal world due to his intellect.

The human being is primarily an animal.

It is difficult to force oneself to stop for a moment to reflect and become aware of what is happening.

The human being cannot yet become consciously involved in evolutionary processes.

Ideally, people should know their roles in the general system.

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Convention In Mexico “Day Three” – 08.03.14

Convention in Mexico “Day Three,” Lesson 4

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Convention in Mexico “Day Three,” Lesson 5

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Convention in Mexico “Day Three,” Workshop 3

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