Urgently Needed: Helpers For Abraham

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Did Israel convey abundance and Light to the worlds in the past?

Answer: Israel have never conveyed abundance to the worlds because it wasn’t our role. We are in an evolutionary process that started with Adam HaRishon, a time that was merely a preparation.

Then Abraham began to organize the pioneer force of all of humanity. He made an appeal and began to teach the people of Babylon and wrote books, as Rambam wrote.

He didn’t simply take them out from Babylon to the land of Canaan, but did great spiritual work. It seems that he didn’t do it by himself, but he had many helpers assisting him, although it doesn’t say so anywhere. Abraham is the symbol of a whole generation, the house of Abraham. He did great work in Babylon. There wasn’t one person in Babylon who didn’t know about it.

Rambam wrote: “Abraham was forty years old when he came to know his Maker. He began to speak to all the people and to let them know that there is one God in the world and that they should worship Him. He used to go from one city to the next and from one kingdom to another and call and gather hundreds of thousands. These are the people of the house of Abraham. He implanted this great principle in their hearts and wrote books, and this process intensified in the sons in Jacob and in those who accompanied them, and a whole nation was created that knows the Lord.”

This means that it was a long whole process, and Abraham needed time in order to go through Babylon and organize his group and gather thousands of disciples. This means that the people, the souls, that were connected to the level Abraham operated on, received his message and began to act too.

Babylon corrected itself. One adhered to Abraham and followed him and another according to his desire, decided to draw away from Abraham. It is the same today when each one fulfills his own desire and chooses his own way.

Then they dispersed in every direction, according to their desires, and gathered in different groups, tribes. This is the way the world exists until this very day, but Abraham’s group had to fulfill itself and so they built the First Temple, the first step in their spiritual correction.

Immediately afterward they began to fall, since the moment you attain a certain level and fulfill it in the spiritual world, a new state immediately begins. So they began to descend: they were exiled and then returned to the land of Israel in order to stabilize the vessel on the level of Hassadim, which was the Second Temple.

The Second Temple was also destroyed. Rabbi Akiva knew this was destined to happen. He laughed at the destruction of the Second Temple since he was glad that the time of the end of correction was coming.

On the one hand, he cried out and said that people should keep the rule of love thy friend as thyself. They had to hold on to this love and unity. This means that he cried for his disciples and for the great efforts he had invested in them, but they fell to unfounded hatred. On the other hand, he knew that that was the way it had to be and was glad that the time of the next phase had come, the phase of correction.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/23/14

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