Without Political Benefit

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During our roundtable discussions about our problems, it is possible that questions and advice to search for political solutions might arise, i.e., that we need to change the government or the party for another one. How is it possible to prevent these kinds of conversations and how should we respond?

Answer: The correction of the world that we suggest in no way takes into account working with any organizations or any government or social elements since all of them are egoistic and directed towards receiving reward in the form of money, honor, fame, titles, etc. It is very difficult for us to work in a mutual way with each other because we are made of different “material.”

When you come to them and they understand that you want to profit, they know how much you will pay them, and they suggest the services or the assistance according to that amount.

But when completely different units of measure of work, efforts and success appears, then it is very hard for them to understand. Even as adversaries, they can get along with each other because they know and understand each other, but with us, it is not so.

And even if they could understand us, those are not the same methodologies to correct the world with. Therefore, we need to rely only on the education of the masses.

If there is some leader, some party that can help us in mobilizing the masses, then for a short period of our development in the educating of the masses, we can probably use them.

But in principle, all of humanity is before us. I don’t advise entering into any high government circles with roundtables because I don’t believe any correct or good contact between us can be created that way.

During all of the history of our development, we see clearly that those who help us do so because they know our goal and are willing to share in it without any political or other benefit.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 3

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