The People Want, The Decision Makers Will Do

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to convey our message to everyone. However, I suppose that people will accept it better than the leaders will. The general population will come to us before the “notable” people.


Question: Why can’t we convey our system from the top? After all, if the government decides, the decision will be carried out.

Answer: The point is that an ordinary person has no system. He has an empty stomach, and he usually doesn’t care what he fills it with. He doesn’t care about the means, about someone’s system. For him, the main thing is not to be hungry.

The prime minister, on the other hand, makes plans and thinks about what is best to do, such as raise taxes or lower them, cut the budget or not to change things, and so on. He is involved in the technical details. He cannot take his mind off them and get rid of them. That’s the problem.

This is why we find it hard to reach those who sit at the top. Their problem isn’t their stomach, but control. They want to preserve it, and they cannot see beyond their plans to understand the reason they are unsuccessful.

They find it hard to hear something new. They can’t do it. What they would need to do to change their way of thinking is to put on “round” glasses to see the “round,” integrated world and its interdependence.

In this world, success is not measured by economic plans, technical details, interest rates and taxes. However, experts cannot break out of this vicious circle; they see the economy through the old perspective and cannot imagine anything else. They make plans according to profit.

For example, I make shoes; I sell them and make my living this way. One pair gives me enough to live for an entire month. If I make and sell two pairs, now I have a monthly surplus. Now the government comes knocking at my door, “I am taking 50% of your profits on the second pair of shoes. After all, I need to fund the state, the army, pave the roads, and so forth.” Well, that’s understandable.

Then the municipality knocks at my door, “You need sanitary services in your neighborhood, public utilities, landscaping, and so on. Give me 10% your profits.” And so it continues.

How will we live in a time when the crisis lowers production to the level of basic necessities? From where will they take the taxes? After all, the taxes are on the surplus, but if they want to take my required food, this is a problem.

I will not agree to go below an acceptable standard of living; I will go out to the streets. The entire system of taxation is based on the assumption that there is excess, but what if this surplus is no longer being generated?

Our economic system isn’t prepared for that, it isn’t designed for that scenario. This is why everyone is worried about growth rates; after all, everyone lives off that.

We are talking about a completely different economy where there is no surplus. And of course, the economic experts don’t understand us.

So we start with a simple explanation: People will be left without work and there will be nothing for them to do. You will need to sit them down to study and make them “good children” so they won’t go out breaking shop windows and burning cars. It will be possible to build a new, wonderful society. Moreover, it will bring great profit because these people are the real assets.

I think that these ideas will be heard and understood by world leaders. Otherwise, they are facing a dark future, an unenviable fate.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/12, “The Freedom”

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