The Global Barometer Of Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “The global survey was carried out by the world’s largest independent network of opinion pollsters, WIN-Gallup International in over 58 countries (52,913 interviews), covering the vast majority of world population.

“The attainment of happiness is aided by economic hopefulness; but often “happiness” refuses to be subdued by economic gloom. Thus 42% of the global “gloomies” who are gloomy about economic prospects of 2012 say they are on the whole “happy.” Evidently, despite economic gloom, most European nations are in the Happy Box. The survey also finds that nations, which are struggling to move up on global economic ladder, produce a lot of ‘unhappy’ people. Thus, net happiness in China is nearly half of global average and stands at 25%. In contrast, the economically pressured Spaniards score 55% net happiness. Perhaps the feeling to “be happy” is also a cultural trait!

“According to the WIN-Gallup International Global Barometer of Happiness, 53% of the world say they feel happy, while 13% say they feel “unhappy.” Another 31% say they are “neither happy nor unhappy,” while 3% did not respond.

“The global poll further shows that those who claim “no religion” have lower net happiness at 27% compared to those with religious beliefs, among whom net happiness is generally higher…

“Net Happiness score for North America is 31% compared with 50% for West Europe as a whole and the economically despondent Spaniards who, when it comes to happiness, score 55%. Africa as a group scores 66% net happiness and Latin America scores 63%.

“The happiest people live in Fiji (89%), followed by Nigeria (84%), the Netherlands (77%), and Switzerland (76). The “unhappy” people are from Russia, Czech Republic, Turkey, China, Ukraine, etc.”

My Comment: Obviously, a human being is not a machine and takes everything emotionally and subjectively. No doubt, if he satisfies his physical (animal, basic) needs, he will be able to get unlimited happiness from a feeling of unity.

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