Who Is Preferred: The Rich Or The Poor?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While preparing for a dissemination project, I felt a very strong attraction and sympathy for the poor, but my ego tells me to work with rich and more influential people. I was confused and don’t know what the truth is.

Answer: You should not work with the rich or poor but with those who want to hear more about what we are saying. As a rule, the poor want this more. Therefore, I recommend beginning to work among common people.

In the meantime, I don’t see any possibility of working with those who are well-off and thriving. Only a few of them are ready to listen to us because wealth blinds and dulls a person. The ego doesn’t allow them to be detached from the good life. This fulfills and anesthetizes people.

I suppose that the lower strata of the population who now are beginning to feel the crisis with great intensity are becoming that ground upon which we can develop integral education and the wisdom of Kabbalah among the people. We must specifically turn to them because we have a solution to the problem of the crisis.

What is there to solve for the rich? Will he make a profit of ten million or five million dollars? Certainly he is sad and concerned if he has less profit, but these are not those concerns about which it is possible to give an answer, for our method subconsciously says that the person should be satisfied with a reasonable need and no more than this.

For rich people, there is a very great need for large profits above the necessities. Our method speaks about this from the start: that a person doesn’t require anything besides connection in which he will feel the higher source of pleasure, the discovery of the Creator. The rich person immediately will ask, “And what about my millions,” and someone who has nothing to give up and lose will yearn only for the upper source without looking back.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/23/13

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