When Will Humanity Finally Listen To Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is obvious that without the support of government authorities for the method of integral education and information it will be difficult to implement the program of human development effectively.

Answer: We must develop the method itself and not think about how to find support from the government. It is possible to disseminate and publicize our ideas among scientists, politicians, and the like, but in any case, nobody will listen to you. Don’t look for support from anyone!

Only when the integral method will be internally understood by you and will be expressed and formulated correctly, that is, when you become real experts, then the world will be ready to comprehend it. Then you will see with whom you must unite for dissemination and if you require government support or not. And it could be that you will need the masses and nobody will oppose this because it speaks about connection and unity.

But first and foremost, we must work upon ourselves, on our mistakes, and not burst forth as if we already have in our hands a ready method and we know how to correct the world and solve all the problems. This is not right. Now we need to develop ourselves and the method such that both we and the method will become a single whole. And then we will see that the world will be ready to accept it.

As long as we have not achieved unity among the main and strongest groups, as long as we have not developed a precise and clear method that includes elements from the wisdom of Kabbalah expressed in an appropriate human language, as long as we have not educated qualified and organized faculty for workshops and processed and practiced our method in all kinds of events with the general public, we won’t have something to present to a patron or to relate to some movement.

When we will be ready for this, then you will see how many different international organizations will turn to us. I think that for this we require a minimum of one more year of serious work with the general public and simultaneously processing our method. We must formulate it in the right way. But as long as we are not ready, nobody will listen to us; the Creator will not make this possible.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/21/13

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