The Same Questions And The Same Answers Every Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanA segment from the Writings of Rabash, Article, “And You are Israel”: There is a difference between those who go to the work in order to bestow or to get a reward. For those who go in order to bestow, they begin their work anew every day, both in mind and in heart, and they cannot get support from yesterday, which has passed.

There is no choice, rather it is necessary to go over the fundamentals of the work every day, there are reasons that oblige them to go by the way of truth. And it is as if he must say to himself each and every day that it is worthwhile for him to be a servant of the Creator. And the body asks him every day when he begins to work, “Tell me the reasons due to which you obligate me to devote all of my powers for the sake of Heaven.” And if it asks, we are compelled to give answers otherwise it won’t want to work. So every day we go according to the same arguments, the same questions, and the same answers.

And at the time that the person is drawn to work in Torah and prayer and in good deeds and doesn’t remember the goal of the work, which is for the sake of bestowal, then the work is easier for him, for he is attracted by the majority. But at that time he is reminded of the goal, which is mind and heart, then “the world is dark for his sake,” because this is against the body, which is called narcissism. And then he has no answer to give the body except that law that the Creator wants it this way and they assure him that this is for his own good, that specifically through work with mind and heart, the person will merit to reach his perfection, for then even his enemies will be made to love him, and this what is called, “With all of your heart—with both of your inclinations, with the good inclination and with the evil inclination.”

It follows that we need to constantly prepare ourselves anew for work, every day. Yesterday is called the previous state, not the sunset and sunrise. It is established according to the inner states of the person; it could be that with one it will be “day” and with another, this will be “night”, and it could be that during a week, he passes through thousands of states of “day” and “night.” But we must prepare ourselves for this all the time: to create for ourselves an environment like this, exercises, a daily schedule, so that as quickly as possible we can “get up” and work at “night” as during the “day”.

All this depends on the environment. But the person must begin anew all the time: to value anew the goal of the work, the reasons, the supports, and thus advance.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/13

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  1. Thank you, Rav, for this enlightening teaching. It’s a reminder not to rehash all those yesterdays and to begin each day anew, working for bestowal.

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