The Arrow Of Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanRecently, thanks to our outside activities, we feel as the lessons are taking a new shape. Kabbalah no longer seems to us as something speculative, theoretical, and detached from life, hovering somewhere in interstellar space or in an unknown dimension.

No, it comes in the form of practical, applied science, which is given to our world so that we reveal the Creator here between us.

The current crisis is intended for this. It will not end no matter how much we may try to gloss over it, on the one hand, legalizing drugs, and on the other, handing out promises of its imminent end. The crisis persists. As the Kabbalists say, it will end only when, in the easy way or the hard way, we correct nature and reach the stage of adhering with the Creator , i.e., realize the purpose of creation.

In this process, we are pioneers, the vanguard of humanity. Be proud of that and give all your strength to this work. You were given a chance that no Kabbalist of the previous generations had. Millions of years of evolution, all the worlds and our world, everything that has been experienced, all that exists is aimed to the present. And you and I are at the point of this “arrow” of development, which we should aim at the purpose of creation.

Everyone should be proud of it and full of energy to carry out this great task. And accordingly, we must attach great importance to everyone in the group because the Creator chose each friend out of billions of people.

Let us respect each other, love each other, and by this love between us, we will provide the Creator with a place for revelation.
From One America “Virtual Convention” Day One 11/16/13, Lesson 1

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