In The Desire For Peace

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of creation is to reach a state in which the the Light fills us in the world of Infinity. This is our duty because we are in a system that requires us to reach this.

Two possible ways of reaching this are before us:

  • Either a good way, if we are drawn forward towards this and the Light illuminates the Kelim, (vessels) of our desires that have been prepared for this.
  • Or a bad way if we are not ready and the Light turns to darkness making escape from unbearable misery and suffering impossible.

To keep to the good path, we must realize the method of correction in a group by complying with the Light within that group. Today, one group is not enough; it simply doesn’t have the power to reach the Light. It must supply itself with “additional” deficiency from the general public.

Therefore, through connection between us, we must remember that acquiring a correct deficiency directed towards the Light is possible only if we go out to the general public and take care of it, if we see what it lacks. In this case we take on additional deficiencies from there and then with them we can achieve a sufficient deficiency for which the Light will illuminate us in response.

In this manner, work with the general public is not required just because we need to take care of them, rather first and foremost, it is in order for us to reach the Light; we begin to work with it, to attract it to us, and after that we bring it to the world. The unity between us will take on a form similar to the Light only if we accept the deficiencies of the external public.
From the One America “Virtual Convention” Day One 11/16/13, Lesson 1

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