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The Fog Of Uncertainty At The Beginning Of The Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we measure and make sure that we are uniting correctly?

Answer: The truth is that spirituality is concealed from us and is only revealed in the right connection between us, in mutual guarantee, when we become as one man in one heart, according to the principles that describe unity, such as “love thy friend as thyself,” “don’t do unto others what is hateful to you,” ” all of Israel are friends,” and so on.

So how can we check if we act properly? We have to make efforts according to what Kabbalists tell us. By that we summon the Light that Reforms.

Yes, I don’t know what the right correction is. I have no idea what it means to unite but I yearn for that like a child who doesn’t know but who tries and makes an effort. Even if he does everything wrong, such efforts also draw the Light that Reforms, the force of nature that also influences us. This is how children learn, when they know nothing and have no initial understanding.

If we act the same way, if we follow the advice of Kabbalists, even if we don’t understand it but hope to advance, the Light that Reforms operates and guides us to the right unity. When we attain it, we discover that it is actually the real unity.

There is no other way. This is the spiritual path from absolute uncertainty until the gradual acquisition of knowledge. It is impossible to know in advance what you are about to reach. This is only possible in our egoistic world, the only picture that the ego reveals to a person.
From the Convention In Toronto. Lesson 2, 8/06/14

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The Unbeatable Weapon Of Unity

The Unbeatable Weapon of UnityQuestion: It seems that if the Arabs fought one another, it would be for the benefit of Israel since they would leave us alone then.

Answer: We will never be left in peace. First, there are enough people in the Arab countries, hundreds of millions. They destroy each other, but it doesn’t make them any weaker. It is a very primitive perspective.

Don’t assume that they would leave Israel alone because of their inner wars. On the contrary, this way, they actually prepare themselves for the war against the Jews. They would never forget about us because they are occupied with each other.

In Syria, they are fighting and killing each other every day, but do they grow weaker? Every day, thousands come to Syria to replace those who are killed, and newer and better rockets are produced. These things are not related at all, and it is very naïve to hope for a solution of this sort.

The nation of Israel is a very special natural phenomenon. Nature has given it a very special mission, and it is up to them to determine whether the world will be united or separated. The entire structure of the world depends on the inner structure of the Israeli nation. The state of the Israeli nation, whether united or separated, determines the state of the entire world since Israel is the central point of the world. Isn’t that clear by the way the world treats us and pays attention only to us?

Therefore, the world turns to us and tells us that we must change the world for the better and help it unite! The global crisis broke out, and circumstances obliged us to bring the world to unity. The nations of the world cannot unite by themselves. The global crisis is the exact outcome of people’s inability to get along with one another because of their ego. Only the Israeli nation can provide humanity with a cover for their ego.

Question: It isn’t clear how Israel can help the world unite if we are torn by competition and different inner conflicts. They are killing each other in Syria with weapons, while in Israel, we are doing it in legitimate ways.

Answer: It is your fault that the Arabs are killing one another in Syria. It is your fault that there are thefts, murders, and crime all over the world and that the world is full of hate. The Israeli nation is responsible for that and especially you.

The nations of the world cannot correct themselves, unite, and come to good terms among themselves. They cannot do that since they are dominated by the ego.

Question: However we, Jews, also have an ego, even a super ego!

Answer: That’s right, but it is the kind of ego that can be controlled and corrected. When we correct our ego and connect, it will influence the nations of the world and will force them to connect. Without us, they will not be able to do so. It is only if the nation of Israel is connected that it will lead to the good connection of all the other nations, and then the world will reach correction, peace, and wholeness.

However, this can happen only if Israel leads the world to such changes since only Israel can perform them. Therefore, throughout history, the other nations have hated the Jews because we don’t fulfill our role. Today, however, we have reached the true fulfillment since the world is in a state of general crisis, and the nation of Israel has returned to the land of Israel and must fulfill its unity here, in this place, which means to reach brotherly love, the state of “all of Israel are friends.”

Thus, we unite the entire world. This is called, as it is written, “a Light to the nations.”
From the program “A New Life” 7/17/14 

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Convention In New Jersey “Day One” – 08.08.14

Convention in New Jersey “Day One,” Preparatory Lesson-2

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Convention in New Jersey “Day One,” Lesson 2

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