How Do We Bring Peace to Israel?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis is a very serious issue, so let us approach it from a distance. As background, after the Big Bang, particles were divided into positive and negative ones, and they began to connect together. These relationships formed the various elements of inanimate nature, which appear today in the periodic table of elements.

Further formed molecules, including proteins, with greater life force and development potential stemming from the correct connections between the parts.

Through this, they began to accumulate information about how they develop—what is beneficial and what is harmful for this development—or, in other words, connection Indeed development is connection.

This process continued. Then, fauna and flora emerged and ultimately, modern man. Then, development came to a stop the moment human beings appeared; the correct connection between them was absent. After all, here connection requires a certain push to come from us.

We, ourselves, must understand, feel, and desire harmonious interconnection. The force of development and connection has done its part. It compelled nature to adjoin instinctively into one whole, and now people need to add their own desire to this process, a desire aimed at unity.

Thus, people need connection as much as the rest of nature. However, they must arrive at this bond against their natural essence that repels them from each other. We are divided into various religions and beliefs, and in general, each person wants to build their own prosperity at the expense of others.

However, life is built on a different principle: on the fact that we all connect pluses and minuses into a certain system. An atom also has polarity, but its parts interact harmoniously with each other, and this is why it forms a fundamental particle, a cornerstone upon which building is now possible.

Molecules make up more complex systems, capable of absorbing and excreting substances, forming the basis of life, and growing. All of this also happens through the combination of two forces: repulsion and attraction. Yet, what combines and connects them is still that same original force that created them, which began with the Big Bang.

Human society, however, is a collection of minuses. We repel each other, and, if we ever let anyone near, it is only to take advantage of them, to delve into the pocket of our fellow beings. To us, closeness and connection are an opportunity for mutual exploitation.

Thus, only one force manifests itself and operates in our society: the negative one. Perhaps from the side, it sometimes seems that we help each other, take each other into consideration and make mutual exchanges, but all of this is only in order to profit from one another. In addition, it does not matter what exactly I am giving or receiving because my intention is always pursuit of personal benefit.

Meanwhile, on a human level, we, ourselves, need to add the positive force for this purpose: that the force of connection is not for my own sake, but for the sake of others. Through this, we will be able to connect in a way where the negative and positive forces form a mutual, harmonious, round system between us.

In the inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature, this mutuality is supported instinctively. In other words, it is based on the universal cohesive force. Our body is also maintained by it, and this force supplies its vitality.

However, this force is not operating between us, leaving us only the negative potential. So, now, we need to add the positive part on our own through our own desire.

How? By demanding the underlying force of nature to reveal itself. For this, we need to exert effort toward a good and compassionate connection with those around us.

Question: What if they do not want to reciprocate?

Answer: Find those who are ready. Try to find such groups, and start to unite them, and then you will see how nature’s force will flow and erupt like a fountain between you. Through activities of groups like these, this force will manifest on our human level and begin to expand outward.

After all, we are connected to each other, and, in fact, we unconsciously yearn for it. Therefore, it will spread between us like water that rose up from a well that we created, for example, during a workshop, and it will continue to flow onto others.

Thus, gradually, we generate and bring a positive force into our world that knows no bounds and is able to extinguish any conflicts because, in reality, they are all brought about by lack of good connections, and it is precisely this force that we form, irrespective of religions and beliefs and above all differences.

Question: Yet, right now, I am most interested in one simple thing: How do we bring peace to Israel?

Answer: Then, understand this: Until you bring peace and tranquility to the entire world, you will not have any peace yourself either, since you are the one who is sitting on the tap the force of unity flows into the world through. Israel will not see peace until it brings peace to humanity.

Then, open the tap for that force that will pour into the world and fill it. Then, the world will begin to calm down, to form connections, and you will teach them how it is done. The people of Israel have no other choice, and there is no chance to achieve peace in any other way.

We must start with ourselves. We need to organize the people in such a way that all their leisure, and even non-leisure time, they will be under the influence of an advertising campaign of unity. At home, at work, in any circles and activities, in kindergartens, schools, and universities, we constantly need to disseminate this message everywhere.

We are practicing this together, and thereby we realize that unity brings wonderful feelings and wonderful relationships between people with it . We come to the principle, “That which you hate, do not do to your friend,” and even to the principle of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

We feel how great it is to be “as one man with one heart,” when all of Israel are friends, and we do it because, otherwise, we will not be able to exist, and not only inside the borders of the state of Israel, but, overall, as the people of Israel.

Question: So far, we have been trying to solve our problems through political and military means. What is more, we have always acted from defensive positions: Namely, we responded to external threats as they arose. It is no coincidence that our army is called the Israeli Defense Force. Yet, are you proposing an active action within a completely different realm, a social one, instead of reacting to attacks, initiating the process of unification ourselves?

Answer: This will be sufficient to bring peace to the entire world. We have a weapon in our hands that allows for victory not through war, but through peace.

Of course, for the time being, we need to respond to threats and attacks, but, above all, we need to work on unification. Through this, we will build an invincible defense because we will go outward, calm the rage, and unite everyone. We will unite them not against us, but in a true way. We will connect everyone to our unity.

This will put an end to terror and wars, to all the evil, to all the malicious groups and organizations in the world. This also will put an end to the differences and inequality between people and countries because in unity everyone is equal. Through our unity, we will oblige others to the same as well, even if they do not want it.

It is necessary to act right now because I do not know whether we will have another chance at a different time when the situation becomes much more severe than it is today.

Here and now, we are capable of turning the entire world toward good, but we are not doing this. This is the true cause of anti-Semitism, and this is why everyone is so keenly and closely monitoring what is happening here. We are always under the microscope. This does not exist anywhere else, nor will it. A little scrap of land with a population of a few million elicits a completely disproportionate interest.

Indeed, we are in the middle of it, at the center of the world. After all, only we can give it the positive force. Then, the general crisis of opposition between human nature and the natural environment will subside, and the world will calmly go on.

Question: How should we establish correct relationships between us here in Israel?

Answer: Above all, we need to understand the importance of unity as a factor of our security. Let us call this program,  say, “The Dome of Peace,” and take care of its implementation the same way that we care about the combat capacity of our army.

The program will include a system of campaigns and explanations, a system of education, and a system for preparing specialists. Everywhere—including kindergartens, schools, universities, workplaces, the army, and so on—people will be taught how to connect with one another correctly.

This must be conveyed to everyone so that even housewives will watch relevant shows on television. Everyone needs to go through this educational course, to assimilate it from a great variety of delivery: collaborative activities, including en masse, movies, music, and so on. In short, this needs to be a national program, embracing all the country’s citizens, young and old.

This way, people will move from the theory of unity to its practice, to exercises building true relationships and arranging a correct influence of the environment on everyone. Then, a person will be able to hold on easily in this channel, to show amicability, friendliness, and support, instead of competition.

A person will compensate his or her egoistic minus with a plus that he receives from society, and in this situation, these two poles are connected correctly, like in an atom. This is how harmony is created within a person, and, in addition, between man and his environment, and thus society becomes a harmonious whole because now our negative desires are balanced by a positive force.

Then a new life emerges between the minus and the plus, unfolding on a new stage on which we swing open a new dimension of being.

Question: However, is it not naive to assume that simple exercises will change human nature?

Answer: You are right. Indeed, we are all minuses. However, I repeat: we have the ability to oppose them and evoke a positive force, and this is the foundation of our program. We are not talking about childish games of unity, but about a method that allows us to attract the positive that is inherent in nature.

It is not with banners with nice words since the writing needs to be, as it is written, “upon the tablet of thy heart.” People awaken this positive force in practice and develop it between themselves. At a roundtable, minuses generate a common plus, and later they learn how to work with it, how to use it, and this is the second stage.

Thus, the method allows a person to become free, to take the two forces into their hands like two reins and direct their life toward good. Conversely, today, people are driven by only one force that is dictating everything to them from beginning to end toward a third world war.

Question: Yet, do you consider yourself to be a naïve person?

Answer: I consider myself to be a very cynical and egoistic person, ready to swallow the world, wanting to enjoy everything possible. In addition, however, I am a scientist, and I know that in nature there is a positive force that acts on the inanimate, vegetative, and animal levels, but it does not operate among people. Thus, it follows that we need to extract it.

This is the purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is built into the foundation of our people and explains how it can be done. This is why it is becoming revealed to us in our day. Let’s make use of it.

Question: Do you see peace with Gaza on the horizon?

Answer: What I see on the horizon is our free choice: Either we will go down the good path toward peace and tranquility, feeling every day that we are closer to the goal and seeing how the world is changing its face and treating us kindly, or we will do it through great misfortunes. However, either way, we must carry it through because according to the program instilled in nature, we are required to come to correcting the world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life: How to Bring Peace to Israel” 7/24/14

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