A Time To Act As One Man With One Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanIsrael is at war. There has never been such war before. For the first time, rockets of Israel-haters almost cover our whole country. Today in the firing range are five million Israelis. Previously, Israel was divided into climatic zones; but today, minutes and seconds were added into this division. It’s the time allotted to us and to our children to hide from incoming missiles.

We are fighting and we will be fighting until we win, but that is not the reason. Hatred motivates our enemy: How can we overcome it? We supply them with food, electricity, treat their wounded and we exchange the body of our soldiers for hundreds of live terrorists. We agree to a “humanitarian” ceasefire. And what do we get in return? Only hatred and anger.

And if it were just our neighbors. What about the internal enemies? Riots in Jerusalem, as well as the demonstrations in Judea and Samaria last week, are vivid examples.

How does the world respond to what is happening? Brazil and Ecuador are withdrawing their ambassadors. Anti-Israel demonstrations are taking place in  Germany, France, England, Italy, and other countries. They unanimously require that we get out of Gaza. In other words, they want us to not interfere with Hamas who are digging tunnels and firing rockets at us.

The whole world, not saying a word, is united against us, and us: “Where is our unity!?”

When missiles are falling on Tel Aviv, some of our people go to the streets with demonstrations against our combat with Hamas. When rioters in Paris burn shops of French Jews, American Jews protest in Manhattan with signs “Boycott Israeli Apartheid.”


History repeats itself in a horrible way. Haters of Jews are united among themselves, and the Jews are either passive, or, on the contrary, show examples of self-destructive indifference.

Before the looming Holocaust, the eminent Kabbalist of the 20th century, Baal HaSulam asked, even begged, the Jewish people to unite, but no one listened to him. Here is what he wrote in the editorial of the first and, at the same time, last issue of HaUma (The Nation) published on June 5, 1940:

If we don’t hope for a miracle, it becomes clear that our existence—both individually and as a nation—is teetering on the scales of life and death.

If we lose time and do not rise together as one man in order to apply tremendous effort needed in the hour of danger, saving for ourselves the remaining part of Israel, then the events, happening now, will turn rampant, as the situation unfolds according to the will of our enemies, who intend to wipe us from the face of Earth.

It is also clear that the enormous efforts on the path, which lies before us and containing abundant obstacles, will require unity, firm and unbreakable as steel, of every part of our people without exception.


Unfortunately, few people know that Kabbalah is primarily a method of unity. Throughout history, Kabbalists united people, but there were always external and more often, internal forces that prevented this. When the idea of unity prevailed among the nation, it won, and when the nation was torn by internal contradictions, its enemies defeated it.

Today, Kabbalists are again make every effort to unite the people of Israel, and the best opportunity to experience the real power of unity are in the discussion circles that are held across the country.

With the help of the Kabbalistic method of unity, it is possible to overcome any barrier: mentality, origin, age, political views, or any other. Common efforts can overcome rejection, disagreement, and misunderstanding. We are all different, but we can become “as one man with one heart!”
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