A Jew Is Not A Nationality, But A Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Arabs are feuding not only with Israel, but also among themselves. Civil wars are going on in many Arab countries in which they ruthlessly destroy their own brethren with all types of weapons, even chemical. It becomes clear that bad connections between people are destroying the world.

Answer: In addition, industry and trade are linked in such a negative way that we are destroying the earth, exhausting natural resources. We are killing ourselves by our own egoism, which divides us and forces us to fight.

What destroys our lives today in the 21st century is a bad connection between people. If someone can show an example of good connection between people, he will become a positive factor affecting the world, a good force, and this is the purpose of the state of Israel. No one else can bring the world to peace, except Israel.

The world is in a global crisis that has gripped absolutely everyone. This crisis will only grow, expand, and deepen, absorbing us into itself. It is like a pit that opens in the ground under our feet, where we will fall one by one.

We do not yet feel this crisis to such an extent, but we already understand that we have no leverage to correct it, and are not able to control it. Humanity is helpless before this crisis and cannot cope with it. This is the crisis of the family, of a person’s relationship to the world, to his neighbor, to his children, and to nature.

This is a crisis of nature itself, of climate. We are losing hope for life, the form of our existence, its purpose. People are gripped by such despair that they don’t understand what to live for. And here, there is an opinion, gradually formed in the world that the whole problem is in the Jews, and namely in Israel …

This hatred of the Jews, the usual anti-Semitism and the newborn “anti-Israelism,” will not stop, but will only increase. One must understand that these grievances against the Jews come from nature itself. Therefore, we must examine them and find out how “fair” they are.

If we refer to the sources with this question, i.e., the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the true Torah, the basis of the nation of Israel, its creation and organization thousands of years ago, we will see that the grievances are correct.

Kabbalah explains why the nations of the world hate Israel. After all, it should be a light to all the nations, it should shine to all seven billion. It is his duty, for which it exists on this earth.

There is no such nationality as “Jew”! There are French, Spanish, Russian, British, but the people of Israel are no ordinary people. Anyone in the world who wants to convert to Judaism and join the people of Israel, becomes a Jew. He supports unity (Ehud) and hence is called a Jew (Yehudi).
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/17/14

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  1. Dr. Laitman, I know there are many perspectives, and it is challenging to see a bigger picture but when one continually lays all the pieces of the puzzle out in front of ones preview, one begins to see the “punch line” and there is many ways of saying or describing this line…… one way is by saying everything is outside of oneself until one discovers that everything is in….. inside or comes from inside.

    One depending on what belief system one is born into may believe or have been taught many different things about Jews or maybe nothing at all, but when one looks at the arrangement of words and letters and all the conditions that are in the world, one can look at a word or a phrase and especially the title of this article and see that the function and you are calling it the mission of a person who understands unity only comes from nature and this word nature is interchangeable with God Creator or higher power or whatever word one wishes to connect to it then one begins to see that a Jew is one you knows how to WISH in a very strong way for a particular thing or condition in order to make it “come to life”.

    Specifically one sees that the mission of a person with this label (JEWISH) is to join with likeminded people to bring the proverbial heaven down to earth which is harmony!!

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