Loving Caregivers

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to overcome the sensation of the lack of equality between new students and great and experienced friends?

Answer: I don’t understand where the sensation of a lack of equality appears. The person does all that he can exactly like everyone else. He tries to work on himself all the time so that through nullification of the self he will be connected with the others.

What is the difference if he is great, small, a beginner, or experienced with some special characteristics? It doesn’t matter. If everyone around me is greater, then it is better for me because from them I get good examples and am eager to advance. When I think about my spiritual realization, I help the entire world, for each one of us is not like the others!

In my time, I was like a baby in the hands of five or six Kabbalists who had studied with Baal HaSulam. What was I then? Who was I for them? Nothing, but they treated me supportively and kindly.

I saw that they didn’t tell me everything. They were quiet about many things. However, gradually it became more and more clear to me what was happening, and I had no complaints about them. When I was in a spiritual descent and went into a low mood, they encouraged me by promising me that, in a number of weeks, everything would be revealed to me, and, even though this was a lie, an impression remained with me that they were like loving caregivers.
This is how a group must relate to each of its members.
From lesson 4 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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