Newcomers And Veterans

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When new people join our group, we have a problem of communicating and connecting with them because we already feel different …

Answer: I understand. There is nothing to be done. Newcomers will gradually get closer to you. Do some work together, invite them to various events; it will gradually pass. Only if the group reaches a critical mass, will there not be much difference and newcomers will enter it easily. The group will not feel that it has been joined by additional new people. To do this, it should create a serious critical mass, for example, twenty permanent members of the group. And when it gradually includes newcomers, it won’t be felt much: the new ones can easily hide and the old ones can easily overlook them.
From the Georgia Convention 11/06/12, Lesson 2

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  1. do u have ,like a mentor. to help when convenient for them?

  2. Is the individual egoism becoming group egoism?

    In the preservation of wisdom of Kabbalah throughout the history, the knowledge has been kept secret contained within the small and unconnected groups. But now days a new approach, not tried before, is taking place with the idea to spread the influence to larger number of people of Israel first and eventually to the nations of the world. If one established and advanced group has problem accepting new members, beginners that have not yet entered spirituality, what attitude can be expected toward people that do not even have the point in the heart? How is then to be expected that the real altruism can exist when not accepting one of their own appear to be only showing off egoism to bestowing everything inside the group only?

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