Work Given By The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are shaping a unified field between us. However, one way or another, each one invests his own thoughts. How does one determine the right choice toward the group, toward the unified field?

Answer: A person within himself cannot determine anything, only if the influence of the friends directs him can anything be determined. Otherwise, he will be only in continuous contradictions and oppositions.

He must constantly be under the influence of the group, in other words, participating in all of its events. We must methodically renew and increase our influence on each one of the members of the group.

We must place a goal before ourselves: create the right field around us so that it will get to the friends, will arouse them with the right work, and they will feel the kindness, the serenity and tranquility, and confidence in our work.

If one falls, the others help him up. The Creator constantly makes adjustments so that each one of us will come to his place and carry out his work. The concern about this must hang in the air.

Once, in the conventions in Israel, we threw big balloons into the air, and each one made an`effort to let no balloon fall to the floor. Specifically in this way, the unity, the Arvut, the mutual support, is revealed when you are not only not “drilling a hole in the boat,” but also are concerned all the time that the others won’t do this.

The main thing is to support the elevation of spirit and the excitement of the friends. The Creator gave us work, “Friend, this is your part, and, as long as you have not glued all of the pieces together, you will not get a soul, for it is one. It is because none of us has a soul, rather only its shattered parts.”

It is necessary to understand that the Creator gives us a place for work. So, be involved with it. Yearn to attain connection with the fragments of the soul of the friends and make it so that they will love you.
From lesson 4 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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