Climbing The Organizational Ladder To The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can one consistently be in inner work, in inner prayer, to pass toward unity?

Answer: It is impossible to be consistently in inner prayer. Even the greatest Kabbalists went through great descents and ascents, and the higher that a person is, the greater his descents. So, it is necessary to understand that this work continues until the completion of correction.

We correct the general shattering of the Kli, and it is natural that the greatest shattered states are the strongest. In fact, the more complex shattered states are microscopic. First, we simply don’t pay attention to these contradictions, and, after that we reach a state such that our sensitivity rises all the time. We begin to be involved with our states in that we receive them with great sensitivity.

With great Kabbalists, all kinds of changes are made with great regularity because they are correcting themselves all the time, and the imprecision seems immense, great, to them, and this is the work of correction! This is life.

Every time you feel that you are working on the next level and, after that, on the next level, and so forth. The problem is not that as if you have come to work, have obtained a position, for example, that of a clerk, and begin to rise on the organizational ladder higher and higher. Here, internal work is done in your spiritual collective with the Creator. Indeed, the work on this connection gives lots of different discernments, but it is the same.

The great Kabbalists describe this in their writings. At first glance, it seems that very extensive material is found in their writings, but if we sort them, then there is nothing unique here. It is always talking about desire, about Light, and  the connections between them.

So, what is required of us is only the right intention.
From lesson 4 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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