The Education Of The Recalcitrant

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: In the past there used to be a strong unity of the people during times of war; today on television and in the newspapers clashes are constantly happening between the right and left despite the fact that a war is going on [in Israel] and it would be desirable to unite.

Answer: I think that no appeals will help unification. We simply must explain to people what their task is with the help of workshops and roundtables, otherwise nothing will get done.

Comment: But the people don’t like to hear about their mission, about their task.

Answer: Do they want to continue to fight? In my opinion, the present action in Gaza convinces us that there is no solution. Wars will occur more often. If they were once every ten years before this, now they will return every year and a half. Our neighbors recover very quickly.

Comment: This means that we must conclude that the solution of this problem is irrational.

Answer: The solution is not irrational. The unity of humanity into a single unified system will influence the surrounding world and us for the better. What is irrational about that?

We are in a closed system that will begin to exist in internal harmony. And this is natural; all physical, chemical, and other processes teach us about the correctness of such a state.

Our bodies exist in the same harmony even though it is composed of different organs that oppose each other. But there is a system that organizes the functioning of the body in an adaptive way, with homeostasis, with inner balance, and manages it. We must have that kind of homeostasis between us. For despite the multitude of peoples, civilizations, and cultures, all of humanity is in itself a single system.

The Jews are the same group of people who were the first to understand and recognize the nature of this system, the first to accept the law of unity, “and you shall love your neighbor,” the first in the gigantic laboratory called “humanity” who need to come to this and through themselves bring it to all the others.

Question: The idea is that it is necessary to believe this?

Answer: Do not believe it! Begin to act this way and you will see that this is so. And if you don’t want to, then life will force you. So why suffer for nothing?

We must talk about this to our stubborn and stiff-necked people, organize roundtables for them, explain many times in all kinds of ways the essence of our task and try to bring them to such a state where once they sit around the table, they will begin to feel that some kind of unique creative force will truly be revealed between us. With its help we can build a new structure of the nation and the people.

We must constantly and patiently explain this to the people. Again and again! This is the process of education.
From KabTV’s “Talk on the Current Situation in Israel” 7/24/14

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