Contact With The Audience

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does internal contact with the audience mean?

Answer: Creating internal contact means feeling the audience as naturally as a mother feels her child. A father feels him through his head and a mother through the umbilical cord. This connection remains.

In the spiritual world, intrauterine spiritual development of the fetus leads to birth, but birth is not a departure from the higher Partzuf but an even greater connection with it.

In our world we are detached from our parents, from our mother, and we begin to develop independently, growing distant from her. But in the spiritual world, no! We get even closer, clothing the higher Partzuf: on NHY, on HGT, on HBD.

This means that in the spiritual world an even greater deepening happens within the Upper Partzuf; it is not birth outside of it, but an even greater entry into it.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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