A Point Of Contact With The Public

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In working with the people, through discovering and fulfilling their desires, with this do we activate the way of accelerated development, “I will hasten it”?

Answer: We don’t discover and don’t fulfill the desires of the general public. We only create the point of contact with them.

When we gather together to go out to a dissemination event, we must feel that in the connection between us the Creator is found in potential. But He is in a concealed state because the Kli (vessel) in which He will be discovered is the external public.

When we gather together with Him inside, we become Galgalta ve Eynayim , the upper part of the Partzuf. The masses are the lower part of the Partzuf. Within us, in Galgalta ve Eynayim, the Creator cannot be revealed. He can be revealed only when we are in contact with the AHP, with the lower part, with the external public. It is specifically this contact that we are looking for.

We must realize that this is our work because we can only attain contact with the external public in our world. Within us exists a spark that yearns for the Creator, and so by concentrating on this, we can create His potential discovery among us. When we enter into contact with the external public (with the AHP), we specifically create this path and we reveal the possibility that He will pass into them.

Then we see an amazing result. People don’t even understand why joy, fulfillment, and wholeness suddenly take hold of them. They will feel that they have no need for anything in life, but only this. The Upper Light pervades everything.

But we must create the unity in which the Creator is found in potential, because Galgalta ve Eynaim cannot realize more than contact with the AHP, with the external public. With this, we feel that we are giving the Creator the possibility of being revealed in them as much as possible. Nothing exists here on our account.

So, we no longer think that we need a certain number of people to convey some kind of information to, etc. We talk with people, we arrange some events for them, but inside we always need to remain in a state of unity with the Creator. This is the main thing. And even if externally we are automatically working with the public in any case, the effect will be amazing.
From a conversation at the Sochi Convention, 6/9/14

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