Adjustment Towards Integral Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to be directed correctly before going out for dissemination?

Answer: A person is an egoist. Every time the ego in him flares up, he must somehow rein it in.

It is possible to do this only in the presence of the group. If a person goes out to some events without preparation, meaning, without reading our material, not approaching friends, then nothing will work out for him. For he is not himself accommodated to conveying an integral line to a group. He can do everything according to the method in the best way, but in the end, this won’t work.

Therefore, before going out to the public we gather and do the same thing as in the gathering of friends. The difference can only be in intensity, in depth, in language, and in vocabulary, yet no more than this! In any case we are trying, in our way, to bring the whole world to the integral form.

For example, it is possible to take a well processed Rabash article about the group without any additions of cleverness and other lessons, to read and discuss it, and with this we make some intentions as a critique: “I am the smallest of all,” “I am the greatest of all,” “I am equal to all,” “I am included with them into one general whole,” and “I am already ready to go out to the crowd.”

First, I accept everything that the friends say about integrality, about the link between us, completely serious, as absolute truth, in that I want to feel myself as a child in relation to them, who hears with an open mouth. After that I speak about integrality, about the link between us and then others hear me and I am seemingly on top. After that all of us are connected and create a unified field, until we feel ourselves as one collective whole. The moment I have felt this state, I can go to work.

That is how we tune ourselves like a musical instrument, and when we go out to the world in order to teach the masses we have a feeling as if we are going to ask for them. In other words, the best intention is the understanding that giving satisfaction to the Creator is possible only through the right intention of the people for integral unity. Then He can bestow on this unity and gradually prepare them for His revelation, which is the best that we do for Him and the best that we do for the masses from our side.

We must know: “I am going out to the wider public because this is the same place where the Creator is revealed to the world.”

I take the Creator with me in order to create a place for His discovery. With this I can give Him satisfaction in being revealed to the creatures and give pleasure to the creatures in discovering their Creator. In summation, I am a transitional link, the organizer of this action.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/24/13

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