How To Show The Advantages Of The Integral Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While working with a group of entrepreneurs and businessmen, I told them about the integral method and found they are not interested in a bright future and success. They don’t want anything better because it is a mental and energetic investment…

Answer: It seems they want to work with the least amount of effort: Hand out tasks to everyone without paying attention and you are free. Therefore you always need to turn to their ego: “If you activate the collective correctly, you can rest.”

If they are not interested in increasing productivity of labor and wages, then surely they will be interested in reducing their efforts and having more spare time. A person is always looking for their own benefit.

You must show them the advantages of the method both in one direction and in the other direction, on the one hand, increasing the productivity of labor, reducing problems in the collective and so forth. However you look at this, in spite of it all, this is important to them. For if everything operates well and in addition to this there are also profits, then everyone feels more secure in his place.

On the other hand, the small personal efforts of the entrepreneur or businessman will be easier for him to manage because now he is surrounded by flexible workers who have self-control. This is to say, in any case there is a gain on all sides. This is the first step.

The second step is a friendly staff that adopts many of the instructions of management for itself, even those that he doesn’t give and also doesn’t know how to give. In the collective, a personal change is made in the direction towards winning, success, and benefit. In this manner, the manager is released from problems, he is freer and less tense.

Besides this, you explain to them that the integral view of the world gives a person another philosophy of life. You begin to see how the world really turns: egoists turn it in one direction, and the world turns it in another direction, in the direction of its integral rapprochement. And this gap creates the crisis, which is becoming deeper and wider all the time.

When the person sees this entire system, he understands the world more, acts better in reciprocity in the family, in society, everywhere. He is less tense, the pressure, the sugar and all the physiological indices are balanced in his body. He becomes calm, sure of himself, friendly, hospitable, people are drawn to him. He begins to feel the world in which he lives in a much more clear form than before.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/24/13

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