Calling Cards Of Different Social Systems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that we go out to senior executives with the integral method. They have a particular understanding about the company and they are used to coming into contact with successful people like them. Must I demonstrate my success to them? For example, they have Rolex watches, so do I also need to have a watch like this? Or is there no importance to this?

Answer: The outer covering is important to them. And for us in the integral world this doesn’t exist. We have an absolutely different system of values.

So I don’t drag them down from their height, rather I simply talk about my system which I propose to realize in a very narrow way in their company.

I am a person who relates to life, to a comprehension of nature and the world, in an integral manner; I act in a form like this. And it is not because I don’t have money for a Rolex but because I don’t feel a need for this.

Among people who respect me, I merit respect not for the Rolex, which in their environment becomes the calling card in order to reach some agreement, to say “hello,” and to connect with each other. Whereas in our circles, first and foremost, what is most valued is how efficiently and rapidly it is possible to create mutual integral relationships between people.

In no way do I blame them, for you see I am in a completely different uniqueness, in a completely different environment, and would not call them to come there. From there I want to acquire some elements of integral relationships for them, so that they can use them for success in their projects in their businesses.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/24/13

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