Instructor Of Attaining Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What connection should there be between those who study the integral method and their instructor? Does he have to appear “great” in their eyes? What is this greatness about?

Answer: An instructor knows people’s nature. He is like a spiritual father for his students. They see him as a person who understands their inner part. This is the attitude that our instructor has to earn.

When a person comes to the class for the first time he doesn’t know what it is. However, right after the first class he begins to understand that this is a very interesting method that gives him the feeling of happiness and fulfillment (this is the most important thing for the person). After all, we are created in such a way that practically whatever we do is directed toward the sensation of fulfillment. We call this fulfillment, happiness.

In general, this is a completely faceless and objectless form. Simply a person feels good, easy, worry free , safe, etc. All of this is adds up into the category of happiness. If a person understands that he can reach this only together with the whole team, then his instructor can be called a “professor of happiness.” This means that you are an instructor of attaining happiness.
From Kab TV’s “Through time” #2, 9/17/13

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