Fuel Consumption

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we advance so that our fuel consumption is optimal? How can we cut down the consumption to minimum?

Answer: In other words, how can we shorten time? How can we maximize the effect of our exertion so that we will do it in the best way and in the right place?

This approach is very good and correct, but the question is does it stem from laziness. But still it is a good thing since one way or another we start our work from the desire to receive.

When we exert ourselves and acquire knowledge in our world, we learn how to preserve our rational efforts so that we will spend the exact amount of energy and not one gram more, at the exact place it is needed and not one millimeter away.

This is exactly what Kabbalists tell us. They tell us that we have to work only in the center of the group and to be as one man in one heart in mutual guarantee. If you reach this, the Creator is revealed.

The moment you attain this, the current level will disappear and instead Mt. Sinai will reappear, which means the mountain of hatred between you. Then you have to try to connect around it again so that each one’s point in the heart is connected to the points in the heart of the others, and after this connection, they rise above the mountain of hatred to connection and mutual bestowal. When your efforts succeed, you will rise to the second floor and so on.

Thus, you are given the exact place for concentrated effort during your work, during the study, during the assembly of friends, everywhere. You should constantly aim at this kind of unity in your thoughts.

How? By the support of the environment. Otherwise you will not be able to think about it. You should feel general concern here: You should be immersed and live in it, and it should affect you so strongly that you begin to shake with worry.

Imagine a situation in life when you have trouble with the police, a trial, when someone threatens to beat you or that you are shamed. A person who experiences this in life is miserable. So this is exactly the same level of concern you have to feel about being focused on the center of the group. This way you will save both time and efforts.

If you don’t worry about that, then you should worry about why you don’t worry. This is called “a prayer before a prayer.”

The yearning in the heart is immediately felt in the upper level. You don’t know it yet, but your heart is already on an upper level. The moment your heart matches the upper level they will be connected like a plug and a socket and you will begin to reveal it.

So you must pay close attention to what you feel in your heart. If your heart fidgets, then you should regret it. But it shouldn’t be false or pretend regret. On the contrary, you should place yourself in the environment so that it will influence you and you will really feel sorry. Only the environment can change your values and your standards.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/6/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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