The Battery Of The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between the constant attempts to think about unity while reading The Book of Zohar and the attempts to think about it during the day?

Answer: The whole day depends on how long you can hold on to the feeling of unity you created during the lesson, if you haven’t learned that, then you didn’t connect to the source.

Suppose you have an electric vehicle, you come to a gas station, you connect to the socket, recharge the battery, and drive off.

Have you filled your “battery” or not? If you come to the lesson with the right preparation, with the right perception, by preparing all the conditions so that your “battery” is properly connected to the Light, then it is filled. This is what you can come out of the lesson with and for the rest of the day stay connected to the source and keep the right intention, by existing thanks to that filling. It is because you have filled yourself that you now know what to do with all the interruptions and all the problems.

On the whole, this is what we are required to do. If we do everything the way we should, we will suddenly understand and discover that this world wasn’t just formed, but was created as a special system that is a continuation of the spiritual system, so that we will be filled by spiritual energy, and then mingled with the world by benefiting from one another, facing problems in the family, at work, etc. All these systems were not created without reason, since nothing happens by chance. It is in them that we fulfill what we have received in our “battery” and thanks to that we ascend to the next level. Thus, we illuminate the world, correct it, and with its help we ascend.

Then we recharge the battery again and start the next day, day after day, as it says: “Let every day be as new.”
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/30/12, The Zohar

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