Technological Progress Leads To A Trap

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Nauka (Science): “Qubit (Q – bit) is a quantum bit, an information unit, 0 or 1. By receiving information in one bit, we reduce our ignorance about anything (uncertainty) to half.

“The dimensions of computer brain reached the borders of the quantum world, where not the classical, but quantum probability laws govern.

“Unlike classical bits that can take only the values of 0 or 1, a qubit takes an infinite number of states, a combination (superposition) of the two fundamental 0 and 1. Superposition characterizes the probability of finding a qubit in one of the two main states.

“Each number like this consists of a real number of an imaginary number, indicating rotation in quantum space. Imaginary numbers help determine the probability of finding a qubit in one or another corner of the quantum world.

“If electronic gadgets function on quantum chips, they will become invisible and elusive. There will be no secrets for quantum computers, they will easily crack any code; any competent hacker will be able to command nuclear missiles to take off or cause a nuclear reactor to explode.

“No one will be able to stop research in this area. The same situation occurred during the atomic race. Another arms race has begun, this time it is quantum.”

My Comment: The evolution of egoism drives us to the need to be re-educated by the method of integral education, from egoistic desires to altruistic, by force—through suffering or in awareness—in advance, before suffering will force us.

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