An Examination With Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen going out to the external public, a person stands before them as before an exam: “A wonderful group in a world where everything is corrected except for me; I stand facing my uncorrected desires; all of this is a part of my soul.

My role is to convince this fragment of my soul or this fragment of my mind that we will converge into a single unified body. How can I do this and knock on the door of their hearts?”

That is what Abraham said to the inhabitants of ancient Babylon when trying to convince them that all were one single whole, that one should not quarrel with another, because if we separate, things will be much worse. Conversely, we need to come together.

So we go out to the general public with this plea. They need to feel our warmth, that we are not doing this formally, but whole-heartedly.

And people will respond to this. But we need to prepare ourselves internally. We need all the desires that were torn from us; we need to join them to us.

Question: So what touches my friends…?

Answer: The friends are also your desires who are already prepared to create one single heart together with you; whereas, the masses are not yet ready. But they all belong to one heart, one desire, your personal desire. Each one of you has his own private universe, his own private world. And everyone, except for you, is part of your desire, the entire nature of the still, vegetative, animate, and human. Connect all of this to you, i.e., love all.

You are going out to people because you need them; they must feel that your heart is open to them, that they are important to you, that your desire is directed towards them, and that through you a unique power descends to them. This is the first message.

And after that the Arvut will be revealed in the whole world. This is the condition for the right connection of all the shattered vessels.
From the Sochi Convention 6/10/14, Lesson 3

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