Quantum Perception of the World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to attach the entire world to us with all of its needs and desires, the whole Malchut of the world of Infinity. First, we draw the parts that are close to us, i.e., those who have similar views and are willing to connect with others: “Let each one help his neighbor.”

And then we transition to the parts that are farther from us, i.e., those who do not share our outlook, nor do they strive to connect with each other or reveal the goal of creation.

Dissemination starts with collecting the desires of the general public. They seem petty, primitive, and earthly, but they only look like this. In the liaison of the upper Partzuf and the lower one, the latter carries a small desire. However, the upper Partzuf regards the request of the lower one as something very important and substantial because of the huge love the upper feels for the lower. Thus, the upper becomes able to perform great work to satisfy the needs of the lower part.

This is how I attach the entire world to myself. It is said that the entire world is made to serve me. People don’t understand this fact nor do they think this way. On the contrary, they reject and even hate me. However, this should not matter to me at all. I accept their desires and know that I cannot treat them the way they treat me.

I cannot sit and wait while they suffer through troubles and wars become wiser. This is a wrong way and is incompatible with loving our neighbors. If you think this way, it means that you still need to work on yourself. This explains why we should continue our efforts to connect with others no matter what.

Imagine a family that has an obstinate, good-for-nothing son who doesn’t listen to his parents and deliberately does everything wrong. No matter what, he is still their son and they have to take care of him no matter what. This is the pattern we have to exercise with the world that becomes embittered and loses hope since it doesn’t know what’s next.

It is a revelation of people’s genuine nature, those who do not regard themselves as good, extraordinary, smart, strong, but rather feel they are weak, silly, and unaware of what exactly is going on in the world around them . The world degrades and descends lower and lower; nothing interests people except very primitive fulfillments such as food or sex.

Where did our prior culture, space programs, lofty aspirations, respect for scientists, sages, artists, and well-educated people go? We used to have all of them some 50 years ago. Everything is gone! Mankind seems like a herd of animals.

People are incapable of fulfilling even their minor needs, and they suffer. According to statistics, present material wellbeing is ten times higher than it was a hundred years ago, but at the same time, depression, desperation, and a sense of deprivation constantly grow. After all, these things are not directly related with material prosperity.

Troubles are given to us to make us work on them. We should clearly understand it. Our perception of the world is extremely “quantum.” There is a huge contradiction between the duty that each of us has: to acknowledge that each of us is the only one who has the freedom of choice and the others do not have it. This rule should apply to everybody without exception. It leads to the understanding that the entire world depends on each one of us and all of us have to serve the goal.
From the Preparation for the Lesson 5/28/14

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