Five Hundred Billion Dollars To Advertise The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where can we get 500 billion dollars for advertising the method of connection?

Answer: We must discuss this question seriously and clarify how to do this. But it is clear that we don’t have a choice, and everyone in our group or in the world in general who wants to perceive the Creator, must be involved in advertising Him.

This is precisely what we are doing; we want to advertise the Creator. If we require 500 billion dollars for this, we must find it. We must advertise the Creator: His plan, His purpose, His goal.

Besides this, it is not written anywhere that we must convince people. We don’t need to convince anyone and it is also impossible. We only need to open up the Light that Reforms for them and it will return them to the good!

But you are thinking about how to be wiser and more eloquent to convince them through argument. There is no need for this at all! It is only necessary to open up this infusion with the Light so that it will begin to drip into them through a workshop or some additional activities. You will see how they will begin to wait for this.

Question: Am I interpreting this correctly, that the Light that Reforms is a feeling of warmth, love, and trust within the connection between us?

Answer: This is the Upper Light, everything is in it. We don’t know how it acts. We only know that it reforms. This is a higher force that influences the person in a manner that he doesn’t understand and which changes him.

We pay attention, sometimes we are also changed. A period of confusion comes in which I don’t understand and I feel that I am in a fog, in some kind of blurry state; and after that suddenly it begins to become clear to me and an understanding is revealed, a new feeling.

I work it, live in it for some time, and after that I am again confused and in a fog so that I can again rise to an even higher state, to understand and to feel even more and to connect things even more, to see how everything works. That is how the influence of the Light that Reforms is discovered.

Question: But we are talking about a science.

Answer: This is not an abstract theory; rather, this is a true science and wisdom of life that explains how it is necessary to live and through this, to rise higher and higher all the time.

Question: When I work as a guide for people and open the faucet with Light, do I have some kind of criterion according to which I can evaluate my success?

Answer: The criterion for success is that you begin to understand and feel more. You understand that a stronger connection with others is required for you. You see the realization of the goal of creation in the whole world and in the general public more and more.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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