All The Means For Advertising Mutual Guarantee!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we bridge the enormous gap between the need to reach mutual guarantee and the real state of the world in which corruption and violence increase day by day, and which is an antithesis to mutual guarantee? How can we convince people that mutual guarantee is real and that it can be implemented and that it isn’t just some utopia as it seems today?

Answer: I remember that two years ago the whole world wore scarves that were tied in a certain way because it was fashionable for a while. Today yellow is in fashion and so everyone wears yellow clothes. Tomorrow it will be red and everyone will rush to buy new clothes. Thus we see that the world can be turned in any direction and can be programmed like a computer using different actions.

According to the most conservative estimates, humanity wastes 500 billion dollars a year on advertising. If we took only ten percent of this sum, 50 billion dollars a year, it would be enough to provide a good life for all the people in the world, to put an end to hunger and to other problems.

But now this money goes to advertising to sell products for ten dollars that are only worth a dollar. They have to charge ten dollars for the product since otherwise they will not cover the advertising expenses.

Our world is the outcome of advertising. Everything in this world, all the forms of our life, are the outcome of advertising. The way we think and speak, what we love and what we hate, what we enjoy, all the tastes and the manners of our behavior, all our inclinations, even education and knowledge, are a result of advertising. It is about determining priorities of what is more important in life.

So we shouldn’t think that mutual guarantee is not real and that it cannot be fulfilled and implemented. If we took the money that is spent on advertising and began to advertise our method of connection, we would succeed just like ordinary advertisers and even more so!

After all, we would show the world that there are facts and a good future behind our words because we operate against the evil that is already revealed to them.

So don’t say that it isn’t real. It may seem unreal to you since you still need to work in order to grow stronger and to obtain the money and additional resources needed to organize an advertising campaign, but it requires no more than that! You can program people any way you want by advertising.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. So therefore, the correct form of advertising would be a film or book, with mass appeal, meaning emotional appeal, meaning illustrative human stories, a saga of some sort, in which the principle of the impact and benefit of mutual guarantee (mutual care and support) as opposed to egoistic isolation is implicitly implied, would it not? I think that if most of us actually look at our lives we will clearly see this principle in action in the drama around us.

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