Fishnets Spread Out In The Sea

Dr. Michael LaitmanRav Kook’s Letters: Even the lowest person, when offered to do kindness with the whole world, which includes everything infinitely, will powerfully rejoice to do good.

All the laziness and the weakness is only a result of lack of faith in the greatness of the good that can be done to the whole universe when engaging in the Torah, the Mitzvot, the work and the purity of our measures. This is depicted by understanding the spiritual unity, which means knowing that the light of the soul of every individual is connected to the general soul of the whole existence.

Every person should say that the world was created for him. When a person does his work he generates a change in all the other souls. It is because we all belong to and are included in one mechanism, and when a person corrects his connection with the whole world, he brings the parts of his soul back to him and thus helps others connect.

It is like fishnet that was thrown into the sea during the shattering. As a result of the shattering, I am left with only a point in the heart, and my other parts dispersed in the water and remain external to me. I was born this way; it is a fact.  Now I need to take the fishnet out and to gather my lost parts and connect them back to me.

By working with the public, I connect my parts back to me on one hand, and on the other hand, I give each and everyone the spiritual force to start working with his own net. It seems that I speak to strangers but really it is me in different forms.

When I draw people to this idea, it turns out that I bring the parts of my soul closer to me. All of humanity are parts of my soul. But except for this, my part, each one has his own personality. By attracting my parts, I convey the spiritual force to them by which they can work in their own circle, with their own world.

It turns out that when I pull this net out of the water, I awaken all the parts of my soul that were connected to this net, and each one pulls out his own net and clarifies its content because everyone has his own world. Thus we understand that working with the public enables us to connect the parts of my soul; the quantity becomes quality and so each one advances toward implementing the establishment of the ten Sefirot of his own soul.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/14

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