A Profound Change Of Our Perspective

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to show the whole world that there is no other science except for the wisdom of Kabbalah and no perception of reality that provides any answers to the current reality in which every aspect of our life is in a state of crisis. It is the wisdom of Kabbalah that provides the right approach through which you acquire the proper tools necessary for our development.

All the old tools and the means we had are useless today and only lead to confusion. It is simply impossible to advance using them. Physics, for example, is an accurate and true science that helps us benefit from the laws of nature. But we cannot use it to advance any further.

At this stage we need new means, and the wisdom of Kabbalah provides them and allows us to be equipped with them. This means that in order to make another step forward on the path of our evolution, we need to change our paradigm, our basic approach, to adapt to the new conditions.

Before people believed that they paved the way themselves, although it is actually the Light that fulfills everything. Now, however, we have to adapt to the new conditions and new states even if they appear against our will. Today we have to fix the connection between the vessels, and so we speak about the integral education.

On the other hand, the earlier philosophic perception is outdated. We have to show people that any approach that is not based on real attainment cannot be used, and it actually leads us to suffering and prolongs the troubles. Any perspective that postpones the attainment of the Creator brings us many troubles.

This refers to all of the religions too, since they promise a reward after death: “die and you will receive, but work now.”

We, on the other hand, say the opposite: “You shall see your world in your lifetime.” The wisdom of Kabbalah is about the revelation of the Creator to a person here in this world.

There is nothing spiritual after death. We pass away just like the animals that we slaughter, because we are on the animate level of evolution. I I don’t ascend and don’t fulfill my Reshimot (spiritual genes), and don’t develop the human level from my Reshimo, I remain a Reshimo. I have to fulfill my Reshimo by the Light that Reforms, and to bring my Reshimo to a state of the spiritual vessel in which I reveal the Creator.

Thus we refute all the philosophic perceptions and the beliefs that humanity has created for itself. Our work is not abstract; we work for the revelation. This is what a person is faced with today. We have to reveal the Creator, here and now.

So everyone will hate the wisdom of Kabbalah since it is in contrast to any animal logic a person has and the traditional ideas of reward for one’s exertion after death…
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/28/13, Writing of Rabash

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