We Won’t Be Able To Escape

We have tried to run away from this our essence for two thousand years. For two thousand years hatred was on our heels. We were hated by nations, we lived within, who surrounded us, and even those who had never seen us.


The answer is obvious, in any case, to us who write these lines. The more we moved away from our origins, the worse we lived and the more we are hated.

The world subconsciously knew that happiness is not in money, not in palaces, not in new technologies. No! Happiness is in the connection between people, happiness is in Unity. Because that is the Supreme Law.

3800 years ago, our nation began to build its life in accordance with the idea of Unity and Love. To be as “one man with one heart” – is written in the Torah, the main book of our people. To live in mutual love, when everyone is responsible for everyone else.

So live!

So live by it and one pass this secret of happiness to the world.

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